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Adds items and blocks for decoration purposes
version 1.1.0
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Plugin Description §


Items and blocks added are not functional, they are just for decoration purposes.

  • Except for lingering potions which are functional as normal splash potions.

Supports all items and blocks up to Minecraft 1.20

Allows worlds with such items or blocks to be loaded

Freedom to control items and blocks added via config.yml

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Known issue when another plugin that add vanilla items or blocks is installed

[Server thread/CRITICAL]: InvalidArgumentException: "Deserializer is already assigned for "minecraft:shield"" (EXCEPTION) in "pmsrc/src/data/bedrock/item/ItemDeserializer" at line 55

If you encounter similar error in another plugin, please delete minecraft:shield in config.yml

Replace minecraft:shield with the item or block specified in the error message.

Special behavior

By default, the following is required to change block states by right-clicking

  • Player is in creative mode
  • Have dummyitemsblocks.changestate permission, default: op
  • Holding an arrow named Change State in either main hand or offhand
    • Can be obtained by: /give player arrow 1 {display:{Name:"Change State"}}

Customizable using the Main::setCanChangeStatesClosure() method

Examples of block state changes by right-clicking:

Block Sneak-right-click Right-click
(Soul) Campfire Toggle fire Place item
Crafter Toggle triggered Toggle crafting
Decorated Pot Toggle animation Place sherd pattern
(Sticky) Piston - Toggle extended
Turtle Egg Increase cracks Increase egg Count

There are many other blocks that can change state by right-clicking.


Referenced from various PRs on the PocketMine-MP repo

Contains code adapted from

  • #5232 Goat Horn
  • #5455 Firework Star/Rocket

Icon created using textures from:

What's new §

Preview Update for 1.20.70 PM 5.13
Warning: May be unstable, backup before testing this release!

  • Added 70+ 1.21 items & blocks
    • Requires updateAnnouncedLive2023 experiment to be enabled for 1.20.70, otherwise blocks will appear as update blocks client-side
    • Items are invisible/not interactable when in inventory
    • Blocks in the world will appear correctly
    • Blocks
      • Copper bulbs, doors, trapdoors, grates & their waxed variants
      • Crafter
      • Chiseled copper & tuff
      • Tuff slabs, stairs, walls
      • Tuff brick slabs, stairs, walls
      • Polished Tuff slabs, stairs, walls
      • Trial Spawner
      • Vault
    • Items
      • Armadillo Scute
      • Armadillo, Bogged, Breeze spawn eggs
      • Trial Key
      • Wind Charge
      • Wolf Armor
  • Decorated pot
    • Added toggleable animation
    • Shake animation will be played when interacted if set as true

Other changes

  • Added block light level
  • Migrated block state enums to native PHP enums

Update for 1.20.30 PM 5.6

  • Bump version to fix Poggit release phar

** The release phar for this update is not usable, please use the newer version **
Update for 1.20.30 PM 5.6

  • Block state changes
    • Amethyst Bud/Cluster
    • Campfire
    • Calibrated Sculk Sensor
  • Remove blocks added by PM & obsolete code

Update for 1.20.10 PM 5.3

  • Observer block state changed
  • Fix unsupported blocks not removed from config
  • Remove blocks added by PM & obsolete code
  • Added 90+ blocks, 1.20 items and more
  • Auto remove items and blocks when certain plugin is detected
  • Items placed as blocks (Campfire, Kelp, Hanging Signs etc) now can be placed
  • Powder Snow Bucket will now place Powder Snow
  • Added all Goat Horn, Firework Star & Firework Rocket
  • Added tile support, all NBT will be preserved
  • Added permission dummyitemsblocks.changestate, default: op

using v1.0.3
02 Oct 23
very useful
using v1.0.1
18 Jul 23
using v1.0.1
14 Jul 23
Very useful, especially as a placeholder implementation for "old" PocketMine maps
using v1.0.0
06 Jul 23
Wish for a api 4 support also, well its cool!
using v1.0.0
06 Jul 23

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Producers §
  • Collaborators:
    • @diamond-gold
License §
Vanilla Mechanics
Manage blocks/items
Manage tiles

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