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A plugin which adds commands to the client's autofill by parsing usage messages
version 1.0.8
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Plugin Description §



EasyCommandAutofill is a plugin which adds commands to the client's autofill system by parsing usage messages. By adding this plugin to your server, all command usages written in the vanilla style will be parsed and sent to the client with autofill enabled.


  • Enables autofill on commands in your server
    • Simple argument support
    • Enum argument support
    • Multiple argument trees
  • Configurable parsing improvements
  • Configurable Debug highlighting
  • Enum API for hardcoded and soft
    • API for Enum Constraints
  • Easy-Override API for plugins that don't match the parser

Future Additions

  • Parsing support for PocketMine-default usage messages which do not follow vanilla style
  • Fix for give command usage (why does PocketMine have to be so weirdjQuery32101381808878199251_1615589086901jQuery321015560874588924056_1623200066185????????????????????????????)


This plugin was made in my spare time because I was bored. No backstory or anything to follow along with here like in my other plugins' about sections. Maybe next time?

What's new §
  • Added support for 2 new protocols
  • New Protocols support
  • Fix argumentless overload trees
  • Protocol update
  • Protocol update
  • Protocol addition
  • allow protocol 407
  • version bump
  • Invert permission flags
  • We no longer handle any commands that players don't have permission to use
  • Add support for protocol 390 (#4)
  • Fixed enum constraint matching
  • Add support for parsing forward slash as enum separator
  • Added manual overrides for pocketmine default commands that don't follow vanilla style
  • Added alias checks to manual overrides
  • Fixed manual override translation descriptions
  • Fixed bug in optional single-parameters
  • New icon :D
  • Added player type to parser as target alias
  • Added boolean alias a bool to parser
  • Added Support for update-able Enums
  • Fixed minor parsing bug
  • Moved event handler to separate class
  • Added config value for debug highlights
  • Always check if the manual override is missing anything
  • Make config look nice
  • Override the override permission setting to make sure client can/cannot see commands
  • Parse arguments without indicators as single-argument enums
  • Resend packets when API is used to change data
  • Updated discord link
  • Added plugin icon
  • Added API for debug commands and added defaults
  • Added config option for taking param names into account for type assignments
  • Stopped adding arguments to commands without args
  • Added highlights to debug commands
  • Make enum names unique for identification
  • Now using events instead of a custom player class
  • Parser improvements
  • Version Bump

using v1.0.7
29 May 21
Please update the protocol version.
using v1.0.4
29 Aug 20
using v1.0.3
13 Aug 20
please update again for protocol 407
using v1.0.3
26 Jul 20
using v1.0.2
28 Jun 20
please update!!
using v1.0.1
12 Jun 20
Just Perfect man ! ty
using v1.0.1
23 Apr 20
really nice and usefull plugin.
using v1.0.0-beta4
08 Feb 20
using v1.0.0-beta2
07 Jan 20
Cool plugin!

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Supported API versions
PlayerSelectors 1.0.7
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License §

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