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A feature-rich World Editor for PocketMine-MP
version 3.0.1
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Plugin Description §


  • large variety of commands
  • High performance:
    • async editing, allowing the server to run normally while editing in the background
    • low memory consumption by splitting your actions into multiple smaller ones
    • read more about performance here
  • flicker-free editing
  • support for unique Patterns
  • selection axe & brushes
  • undo & redo your actions
  • tile support
  • load & save java selections (load MCEdit & Sponge format, save to Sponge)
  • rotate & flip support
  • Translation support


<argument> - required Argument
[argument] - optional Argument


Command Description Permission Aliases/Notice
//pos1 [x] [y] [z] Set the first position //1
left click a block in creative with a wooden axe
//pos2 [x] [y] [z] Set the first position //2
break a block in creative with a wooden axe
//extend [direction] [count]
//extend vertical
Extend the selected area //expand
Look into the direction you want to extend to
//extend --min ,, --max ,, Modify the selected area by the given vectors "Min" and "Max" refer to the corners of the selection
//set <pattern> Set blocks in the selected area easyedit.edit
//replace <block> <pattern> Replace blocks in the selected area easyedit.edit
//replace <pattern> Replace all solid blocks in the selected area easyedit.edit
//overlay <pattern> Overlay blocks in the selected area easyedit.edit Set blocks above existing blocks
//naturalize [pattern] [pattern] [pattern] Naturalize the selected area easyedit.edit
//smooth Smooth the selected area easyedit.edit
//center [pattern] Set the center blocks of the selected area easyedit.edit //middle
//walls [pattern] Set the walls of the selected area easyedit.edit //wall
//sides [pattern] Set the sides of the selected area easyedit.edit //side
//move [direction] [count] Move the selected area easyedit.edit Look into the direction you want the selected blocks to move into
//stack [direction] [count] Stack the selected area easyedit.edit Look into the direction you want the selected blocks to stack into
//istack [direction] [count] Stack the selected area without overwriting existing terrain easyedit.edit
//count [radius] [-d] Count blocks in the selected area
//extinguish [radius] Extinguish fire in the selected area easyedit.edit //ext
//view View the selected area //show
also allows exporting as a 3d model (thank mojang for buggy textures)


Command Description Permission Aliases/Notice
//undo [count] Revert your latest change easyedit.history easyedit.edit
//undo <target> [count] Revert targets latest change easyedit.history easyedit.edit easyedit.edit.other Can be disabled via config
//redo [count] Revert your latest undo easyedit.history easyedit.edit
//redo <target> [count] Revert targets latest undo easyedit.history easyedit.edit easyedit.edit.other Can be disabled via config


Command Description Permission Aliases/Notice
//copy [--center] Copy the selected area easyedit.clipboard
//cut [--center] Cut the selected area and copy it to your clipboard easyedit.clipboard easyedit.edit Copies and replaces with air
//paste Paste the clipboard easyedit.clipboard easyedit.edit
//insert Insert the clipboard easyedit.clipboard easyedit.edit Paste only into air blocks
//merge Merge current terrain with the clipboard easyedit.clipboard easyedit.edit Paste only non-air blocks
//rpaste Replace current terrain with the clipboard easyedit.clipboard easyedit.edit Replace non-air blocks with non-air blocks from the selection
//rotate Rotate the clipboard easyedit.clipboard Rotates by 90 Degrees
//flip [direction] Flip the clipboard, mirroring at copied position easyedit.clipboard Flips on axis you look on, always uses selected point as "mirror"
//load <schematicName> Load a saved schematic from disk easyedit.readdisk easyedit.clipboard //loadschematic
//save <schematicName> Save your clipboard as a schematic to disk easyedit.writedisk easyedit.clipboard //saveschematic


Command Description Permission Aliases/Notice
//cube <size> <pattern> Generate a cube easyedit.generate easyedit.edit //cb
//hcube <size> <pattern> [thickness] Generate a hollow cube easyedit.generate easyedit.edit //hcb //hollowcube
//sphere <radius> <pattern> Generate a sphere easyedit.generate easyedit.edit //sph
//hsphere <radius> <pattern> [thickness] Generate a hollow sphere easyedit.generate easyedit.edit //hsph //hollowsphere
//cylinder <radius> <height> <pattern> Generate a cylinder easyedit.generate easyedit.edit //cy
//hcylinder <radius> <height> <pattern> [thickness] Generate a hollow cylinder easyedit.generate easyedit.edit //hcy //hollowcylinder
//noise Generate using a simple noise function easyedit.generate easyedit.edit


Command Description Permission Aliases/Notice
//commands [page] List all EasyEdit commands - //h //cmd
//brush sphere [radius] [pattern] [gravity] Create a spherical Brush easyedit.brush
(To use: easyedit.edit)
//br sph
//brush smooth [radius] Create a smoothing Brush easyedit.brush
(To use: easyedit.edit)
//br smooth
//brush naturalize [radius] [topBlock] [middleBlock] [bottomBlock] Create a naturalize Brush easyedit.brush
(To use: easyedit.edit)
//br nat
//brush cylinder [radius] [height] [pattern] [gravity] Create a cylindrical Brush easyedit.brush
(To use: easyedit.edit)
//br cy
//brush paste [insert] Create a pasting Brush easyedit.brush
(To use: easyedit.edit)
//br paste
//fill <Block> [direction] Fill an area easyedit.edit easyedit.generate Fills into looking direction
//drain Drain an area easyedit.edit easyedit.generate
//line <x> <y> <z> [pattern] Draw a line easyedit.edit easyedit.generate
//line [find|solid] <x> <y> <z> [pattern] Find a valid path to the destination (slow) easyedit.edit easyedit.generate "find" allows diagonals
//blockinfo Get a blockinfo stick easyedit.util //bi
//builderrod Get a builder rod easyedit.rod //rod
Expands the clicked blockface
//status Check on the EditThread easyedit.manage
//cancel Cancel the current task easyedit.manage
//benchmark Start a benchmark easyedit.manage This will create a temporary world and edit a few preset actions
//pastestates Paste all known blockstates easyedit.edit easyedit.generate easyedit.manage Mainly for debugging (can be used as an oversight of all existing blocks though)
//wand Get a wooden Axe easyedit.util Every normal axe works as well (as long as you have permissions and are in creative mode)


Command Description Permission Aliases/Notice
//thru Teleport through blocks easyedit.util //t
//unstuck Teleport to a safe location easyedit.util //u
//up Teleport up easyedit.util easyedit.edit Places a glass block below you for simplified selecting


Visit the wiki for information on patterns.

All variants of bedrock and java states are supported.


To load external schematic files, place them in the "schematics" folder inside the EasyEdit plugin data folder.
Just execute //load <schematicName> to load them and then use //paste to paste them. Omitting the name (//load) will list all available schematics.

To save a schematic, use //save . This will save the current clipboard (which was previous copied using //copy) to the schematics folder.

Schematics are fully compatible with the java edition. When loading or saving a schematic, the file will be automatically converted to the java format.
This includes blocks and tile entities.

Supported Formats:

  • Sponge
  • McEdit (reading only)


EasyEdit aims to be as fast as possible while still allowing for a ton of features.
All operations are executed asynchronously, meaning that the server will not lag while editing. You can always check the status of the current operation using //status.

Other world editors usually load the entirety of the selection into memory, which makes your server run out of memory very quickly.
EasyEdit counteracts this by loading chunks on the fly, only loading the blocks that are actually being edited at the moment.
This means that you can edit huge areas without having to worry about your server crashing. There is practically no limit to how many blocks you can edit at once.

What's new §
  • Added Russian language ~BlusteryS
  • Added Spanish language ~SnowysOficial
  • Fixed crash in newer pocketmine versions (starting from 5.5.x)
  • Fixed large schematics not loading correctly
  • Fixed replace command logic being inverted when not specifying a block
  • Fixed overlay command not working as expected
  • Fixed crash when flipping or rotating
  • Fixed flipping placing completely unrelated bocks
  • Fixed solid pattern affecting the wrong blocks
  • Fixed crash when specifying invalid blocks
  • Fixed several crashes related to internal data not being loaded correctly

API5 support

New Features:

  • Improved block parser
    • Now accepts block states (full or partial, auto-completion included)
    • Full support for java block states
  • Block tags
    • Allows to affect a group of similar blocks (e.g. all logs)
    • Can be used to set random variants (//set #wool)
  • Command Flags
    • Allows to specify more options for commands (see the command usages for more information)

Minor Features:

  • Added movement related commands
    • //thru command
    • //unstuck command
    • //up command
  • Added more pasting options
    • //merge command
    • //rpaste command
    • flag for options above
  • Added generation commands for cubes
    • //cube command
    • //hcube command
  • Improved support for java <-> bedrock conversion
    • Data files are now specific for your pocketmine version
    • Improved handling of unknown blocks to allow partial conversion
    • Implemented item conversion
      • Also converts display properties (name, lore, enchantments)
    • Added support for new tile data:
      • Bells
      • Note Blocks & Jukeboxes
      • Flower Pots
      • Beds & Banners
  • New Languages
    • Vietnamese ~NhanAZ
    • Indonesian ~Kylan1940

Utility Improvements:

  • Execution Time now includes all time spent on the task
    • previously it only included the time spent setting blocks
  • Cancelling someones task now notifies them
  • Improved error handling
    • Server no longer crashes due to a world being invalid
    • Detect broken block states in config
  • All commands now accept parameters case-insensitive
  • Improved handling of utility blocks
    • Selection outlines should now show way more reliably
    • Selection outlines now show up after teleporting
    • //view block now automatically disappears when moving
  • Added option for count command to show block states
    • Use -d flag to show block states
  • Improved benchmarks
    • Added option to keep benchmarked world after completing (use -keep flag)
    • Increased benchmark size
    • Allow cancelling benchmarks

Removed features relying on old chunk loading system

  • around & horizontal pattern
  • embed pattern

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed random patterns not working
  • Fixed brush cooldown affecting all players
  • Fixed crash when pasting tiles outside of world boundaries
  • Fixed undo of expanding tasks not being complete
  • Task results now properly report all the time (even when cancelled)
  • Fixed minor synchronization issues
  • Fixed crash when moving blocks outside of world boundaries
  • Requesting unknown blocks no longer causes invalid blocks to be placed
  • Fixed some cases where an internal EasyEdit crash would affect the main thread
  • Fix tiles being written multiple times when pasting
  • Fixed possibility for edit thread to enter a crash loop
  • Report invalid player names in commands instead of crashing
  • Fixed crash when using line command without specifying a mode
  • Fixed crash when using an empty legacy pattern
  • Fixed wall pattern being offset by two blocks in southern direction

Performance Improvements:

  • Chunks are now loaded on the fly
    • This drastically reduces the amount of time tasks take to execute
    • Allowed chunks to be executed in any order
  • Only actual needed chunks are loaded
    • e.g. when setting a large sphere, chunks outside of the sphere are no longer loaded
  • Huge improvements to performance of some specialized tasks
    • moving and stacking tasks now load chunks in a much more efficient order
    • Line tasks no longer save all blocks to be set in a list
    • Pasting now ignores empty chunks altogether
    • Cutting is now executed in a single step (Chunks no longer need to be loaded twice)
    • Loading schematics has an about 90% reduced memory footprint
      • Only the compressed schematic is loaded into memory and decompressed on the fly
  • Added some caches for frequent calculations
    • All needed block states are being loaded from the main thread on server startup
    • Loading McEdit schematics no longer loads block states every time
  • Undoing data is no longer copied for every edited piece

Internal Changes:

  • Switched to a promise based task system
    • Allows third party plugins to easily hook into task execution
  • Implemented own vector system
    • This allows for more flexibility and reliability when working around world boundaries
  • Api is now independent from player instances
  • Chunks are now edited on a one by one basis instead of splitting the selection into smaller parts
  • Tiles are now properly removed when their blocks are replaced
  • Fixed a crash related to smoothing near world limitations

New Features:

  • Tile support for schematics
    • Containers including items with custom names/lores
    • Support for mobheads & shulker boxes
    • Works with java world edit
  • Flicker-free setting
    • only for smaller selections
  • Added a translation system
    • Currently supports English, German & Japanese (~ yuko fuyutsuki)
    • Help translate

Minor Features:

  • Support for plugins adding new blocks (if properly registered to pmmp)
  • Option to remap commands autocompleted by minecraft (start with thee slashes..)
  • Implemented gravity pattern
    • gravity option for brushes
  • Implemented a paste brush
  • Added a horizontal pattern
  • Implemented an embed pattern
  • Improved smoothing
    • better handling of floating objects
    • not creating any floating nature elements
    • no air pockets underwater
    • NOTE: Normal smooth pattern was removed
  • stacking / moving now gets split like all other tasks


  • //fill command
  • //drain command
  • //overlay command
  • //line command
    • Direct line to given coordinates
    • //line find command
  • //view command
  • //builderrod command
  • //commands command
  • //pastestates command (pastes everything)
  • //wand command
    • default wooden axe still works

Utility Improvements:

  • All blocks can now be made static using # (static blocks are not counted as a group)
  • Added a center argument to //copy command
  • //replace now replaces all solid blocks by default
  • Implemented support for relative & directional coordinates (~ ~10 ~ / ^ ^10 ^)
  • Brushes now work through water & underwater
  • Leaves no longer decay when set
  • Most commands now accept directional arguments ("up", "north"...)
    • if none is given facing direction will be used
  • Brushes now save whichever item was in the hand when creating them
  • Task progress is now a lot more accurate
  • Tool cooldown can now be configured

Bug Fixes:

  • Benchmarks now actually set a 3d-checkers pattern
  • Fix a rare occasion where the thread would freeze the server
  • Fixed crashes when data couldn't be loaded
  • Hand pattern now works with all items
  • Fix crash when using non-numeric weight or weight without a pattern
  • Fixed crash when using patterns with insufficient arguments
  • Fixed wall pattern missing a side of cubes
  • Fixed thread waiting for already sent data ~ JavierLeon9966
  • Fixed a bug causing thread to repeatedly crash
  • Patterns without closing brackets now throw an error
  • Fix brushes crashing the server when created with invalid patterns
  • Fixed schematics generating with duplicate palette entries
  • Deleting the data directory now doesn't crash the server
  • Fix crash when raycasting fails

Internal Changes:

  • datafiles are now shipped with the plugin
    • full usage without an internet connection
    • downloaded files are cached to save bandwidth
  • chunks now get cached instead of being loaded repeatedly
  • Improved chunk handling by a lot
  • Most magic arguments were changed to actual parameters, improving error handling
  • Fixed deletion of tiles around big editing tasks
  • Fixed some pattern usage messages not being sent
  • Fixed a bug causing spheres & cylinders being cut off at bigger diameters
  • Fixed sponge (or custom saved) schematics not being offset
  • Selected area is now displayed correctly when rejoining the server
  • Fixed a crash occurring when switching into a previously unloaded world

API4 support

Note: The syntax and function of pattern has changes, please refer to the documentation

New Features:

  • Improved Patterns
    • Support for percentage notation
    • differentiation between logical and classical patterns
  • Schematics
    • McEdit Format (until Java 1.12.2)
    • Sponge Format (Java 1.13+)
    • Block translations, converting blocks from java to bedrock
  • “hand” argument, representing the current held block
  • revert actions of other players (//undo ; deactivatable via config)


  • Clipboard:
    • //loadschematic (//load) command, loading schematics from “schematics” directory in plugin_data directory
    • //saveschematic (//save) command, saving current clipboard
    • //rotate command
    • //flip command
    • //cut command
  • //noise command
  • //blockinfo command
  • //istack command

Utility Improvements:

  • New blockparser allowing use of string ids like “red_wool”
    • Legacy numeric ids are still supported
  • Inserting now ignores the same blocks as smoothing does (configurable via config)
  • Proper permission naming system
  • More tolerant pattern parser, allow use of spaces in most commands
  • //status command now shows memory consumption of edit thread
  • World generation is no longer handled differently, this allows support for custom generators depending on special properties
  • Patterns now report wrong usage directly
  • //center command is now async & undoable
  • Parameters like radius or thickness now allow use of floating point numbers

Bug Fixes:

  • Selection axe now works properly on mobile devices
  • Fix some potential data loss when passing chunk data
  • Fix some rounding faults causing selections to have unexpected behavior
  • Fix some crashes when trying to exceed world height limitations
  • Fix selection level being ignored in some cases

Performance Optimizations:

  • Clipboard & History is now saved on the editing Thread directly, saving cost of transferring data
  • Add selection contexts, reducing checked blocks for commands like //center drastically
  • A ton of other tiny improvements
  • Tiles of selections now get split into pieces like blocks do

Internal Changes:

  • Complete rewrite of task structure, switching to a request-based thread
  • Allows for way more customization of features
  • Gave Config & Message files updating scripts allowing to update to newer versions without loosing settings
  • Tracking read & written block count for edits

New Features:

  • cylinders
    • hollow cylinders
    • cylinder brushes
  • dynamic blocks (ignore Meta if used in block comparisons)
  • center pattern
  • wall pattern
  • sides pattern


  • Implement count command
  • Implement extinguish command
  • Implement walls command
  • Implement sides command
  • Implement status command
  • Implement cancel command
  • Implement benchmark command
  • Position commands now accept coordinates
    • Send selected coordinates with message

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix brushes activating when breaking blocks
  • Fix various problems when pasting
  • Fix problems causing a crash when undoing
  • Fix a lot of edge-cases creating problems when copying & pasting
  • Fix stacked cube being mirrored when stacking in negative direction
  • Fix stacked cube crashing when crossing chunk borders
  • Move double chests correctly

Performance Optimizations:

  • Custom serialisation
  • Implement selection splitting to more selection types
    • spheres & hollow spheres
    • cylinder & hollow cylinders
    • undo & redo
    • paste & insert
  • Wait a tick before some actions to allow the server to tick normally
  • Inject chunks directly without loading old ones first
    • decreases needed time to set Chunks by about 90%
  • Only save edited chunks & pass necessary ones between treads
    • decreases saved chunks per operation from 25 to 9
  • Fix selections being active in different levels
    • this produced problems when loading chunks
  • Fix undo in non-default levels
  • Fix move on chunk borders
  • Fix crash when editing levels depending on ItemFactory

using v3.1.0
09 Apr 24
Wtf i just did a //fill air and didn't work. I thought it was a bug for the air block, then i did //fill oak_planks and it griefed my entire spawn covering a ton of blocks in oak planks when i just selected like 9 blocks just to test (undo doesnt works)
09 Apr 24
Taking a quick look at the description (or the in-game command list) would tell you 2 Things: 1. You're using the wrong command: "//set <pattern> Set blocks in the selected area" does what you want 2. There is a //undo command
using v3.1.0
27 Mar 24
using v3.0.1
17 Mar 24
good on any pmmp version before v5. post v5 non functional
using v3.0.1
08 Sep 23
really good
using v3.0.0
06 Jul 23
using v3.0.0
02 Jul 23
using v3.0.0
27 Jun 23
using v3.0.0
24 Jun 23
Staff Outdated
using v3.0.0
13 Jun 23
The API of this plugin is SO much better than BuilderTools. Thank you for your service! o7
using v3.0.0
10 Jun 23
using v2.1.1
25 Apr 23
Finally, a world edit plugin that floors player's position instead of rounding it. HELL YEAH
using v2.1.1
22 Oct 22
Does this plugin support .schematic files?
22 Oct 22
It does support reading them (writing is only supported to the newer Sponge format: .schem). If you have problems using it, please create an issue on Github
using v2.1.0
26 Jun 22
Dieses Plugin hat es definitiv verdient 5 Sterne zu bekommen es ist einfach wie das Java World Edit und ist besser als Builder Tools. This plugin definitely deserves to get 5 stars it is easy like the Java World Edit and is better than builder tools.
using v2.0.3
28 Apr 22
Simply amazing, with BuilderTools I was limited in actions to not overdo it with the blocks, but with this I can eliminate more than 15m of blocks without any lag
using v2.0.3
04 Mar 22
Thank you so much !
using v2.0.3
28 Feb 22
This is so much better?
using v2.0.2
24 Feb 22
good plugin
using v2.0.1
02 Jan 22
using v1.1.0
21 Nov 21
2nd Best plugin I know
using v1.1.0
05 Nov 21
using v1.1.0
19 Aug 21
Súper bueno la verdad no tengo problemas para manejarlo aunque la herramienta smooth no va bien nose si es problema mío pero no encuentro el comando pero al usarlo con el pincel va el comando pero no hace nada jajaja
using v1.1.0
18 Aug 21
Works perfectly fine, very useful for my server :D
using v1.1.0
05 Aug 21
using v1.1.0
04 Aug 21
using v1.1.0
04 Aug 21
Respect! Excellent work!
using v1.1.0
29 Jul 21
Seem like a great plugin. May be the best world edit plugin! 👍
using v1.0.1
12 Jul 21
Quality checking passed 👍
using v1.0.1
11 Jun 21
using v1.0.0
21 May 21
This works really good, i like it This will blew up soon ;) plätzchen xd
using v1.0.0
17 May 21
using v1.0.0
16 May 21
seems good
using v1.0.0
16 May 21

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    • @platz1de
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    • @Matze997
    • @matsuyuki1231
  • Translators:
    • @BlusteryS
    • @Kylan1940
    • @NhanAZ
    • @SnowysOficial
    • @fuyutsuki
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