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A highly customizable and easy-to-use Homes plugin which supports user as well as admin commands and forms.
version 1.0.2
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Plugin Description §

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A highly customizable and easy-to-use Homes plugin which supports both commands and forms for your Minecraft Bedrock Server running on PocketMine-MP.


  • Allows you to create homes on your server.
  • Easy configuration and setup.
  • You can change the language by editing the lang.yml file.
  • Default commands and messages shown to the player can be changed via lang.yml.
  • You can set a limit to the maximum homes that a player can set. Edit the default limit in config.yml to suit your needs.
  • Two storage ways available: Yaml and SQLite3 which can be set via config.yml.
  • Neat API for developers looking for making addons or including this plugin into their own plugin.
  • Support commands as well as forms. Both of which can work in conjunction.
  • Support for Admin Commands.
  • Admins can easily monitor player homes even when a player is offline.

How to setup?

  • Get the .phar of this plugin from poggit
  • Put into your plugins folder.
  • Restart the server.
  • Enjoy...

Commands and Permissions

  • Normal Player Commands:
Description Command Permission Default
Home form /home eh.command true
Home command /home [string:home] true
Teleport to home /home teleport [string:home] true
Delete a home /home delete [string:home] eh.command.del true
Help command /home help true
List homes /home list eh.command.list true
Set a home /home set [string:home] eh.command.set true
  • Admin Player Commands:
Description Command Permission Default
Admin form /homeadmin eh.command.admin op
Delete a player home /homeadmin delete [string:player] [string:home] eh.command.admin.del op
Get player's home limit /homeadmin getlimit [string:player] eh.command.admin.limit.get op
Set player's home limit /homeadmin setlimit [string:player] eh.command.admin.limit.set op
Help command /homeadmin help op
List player's homes /homeadmin list [string:player] eh.command.admin.list op
Set player's home /homeadmin set [string:player] [string:home] eh.command.admin.set op
Teleport to player's home /homeadmin teleport [string:player] [string:home] op

Note: Alias for every command exists. You can find detail in lang.yml.


EasyHomes provides a simple API for developers wishing to use this plugin in theirs or make addons for it.

  • First you need to get hold of the plugin. You can do so by:
$easyHomes = Server::getInstance()->getPluginManager()->getPlugin("EasyHomes");
if($easyHomes instanceof \JackMD\EasyHomes\Main){
    //do whatever
  • Then you need to get hold of the provider via:
$provider = $easyhomes->getProvider();
  • Now you take a look at ProviderInterface for the things you can access.
  • Everything in it is easy and straight forward.
What's new §
  • Update according to Poggit standards
  • a simple check to ensure that the user is using poggit provided phar instead of using the source directly
  • use libFormAPI since @jojoe77777 was kind enough to make FormAPI available as a virion

using v1.0.2
06 Apr 19
Very nice! :)
using v1.0.2
26 Mar 19
You need add /tpa /tpahere /warp /setwarp and add the possibility too chose if want ui or simple form
28 Mar 19

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Producers §
  • Collaborators:
    • @JackMD
    • @Thunder33345
License §
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