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A highly customizable and easy-to-use Homes plugin which supports user as well as admin commands and forms.
version 3.0.0
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Plugin Description §

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A highly customizable and easy-to-use Homes plugin which supports both commands and forms for your Minecraft Bedrock Server running on PocketMine-MP.


  • Allows you to create homes on your server.
  • Easy configuration and setup.
  • You can change the language by editing the lang.yml file.
  • Default commands and messages shown to the player can be changed via lang.yml.
  • You can set a limit to the maximum homes that a player can set. Edit the default limit in config.yml to suit your needs.
  • Two storage ways available: Yaml and SQLite3 which can be set via config.yml.
  • Neat API for developers looking for making addons or including this plugin into their own plugin.
  • Support commands as well as forms. Both of which can work in conjunction.
  • Support for Admin Commands.
  • Admins can easily monitor player homes even when a player is offline.

How to setup?

  • Get the .phar of this plugin from poggit
  • Put into your plugins folder.
  • Restart the server.
  • Enjoy...

Commands and Permissions

  • Normal Player Commands:
Description Command Permission Default
Home form /home eh.command true
Home command /home [string:home] true
Teleport to home /home teleport [string:home] true
Delete a home /home delete [string:home] eh.command.del true
Help command /home help true
List homes /home list eh.command.list true
Set a home /home set [string:home] eh.command.set true
  • Admin Player Commands:
Description Command Permission Default
Admin form /homeadmin eh.command.admin op
Delete a player home /homeadmin delete [string:player] [string:home] eh.command.admin.del op
Get player's home limit /homeadmin getlimit [string:player] eh.command.admin.limit.get op
Set player's home limit /homeadmin setlimit [string:player] [int:count] eh.command.admin.limit.set op
Increase player's home limit /homeadmin ilimit [string:player] [int:count] eh.command.admin.limit.increase op
Help command /homeadmin help op
List player's homes /homeadmin list [string:player] eh.command.admin.list op
Set player's home /homeadmin set [string:player] [string:home] eh.command.admin.set op
Teleport to player's home /homeadmin teleport [string:player] [string:home] op

Note: Alias for every command exists. You can find detail in lang.yml.


EasyHomes provides a simple API for developers wishing to use this plugin in theirs or make addons for it.

  • First you need to get hold of the plugin. You can do so by:
$easyHomes = Server::getInstance()->getPluginManager()->getPlugin("EasyHomes");
if($easyHomes instanceof \JackMD\EasyHomes\Main){
    //do whatever
  • Then you need to get hold of the provider via:
$provider = $easyhomes->getProvider();
  • Now you take a look at ProviderInterface for the things you can access.
  • Everything in it is easy and straight forward.
What's new §
  • Added support for Events
  • PlayerRegisterEvent is no longer cancellable
  • PlayerTeleportHomeEvent: add new isAdmin field
  • PlayerTeleportHomeEvent: fix type mismatch
  • Remove useless function call
  • Removed the 15 months old code
  • added isAdmin fields to all the events except PlayerRegisterEvent
  • added perm and updated readme
  • added support for #4. close #4.
  • you can only use /ha ilimit to increase a players home limit (support for forms is not planned)
  • cleanup
  • made all api methods boolean
  • no more notice on provider setting
  • no return type needed here
  • reflect changes done to PlayerTeleportHomeEvent
  • reflect the changes done to events
  • remove unwanted setters
  • fix for #5 close #5
  • version bump to 3.0
  • whosoever idea was it to enable phpstan analysis by default needs to change it!
  • Update according to Poggit standards
  • a simple check to ensure that the user is using poggit provided phar instead of using the source directly
  • use libFormAPI since @jojoe77777 was kind enough to make FormAPI available as a virion

using v3.0.0
31 Dec 20
using v1.0.2
03 Apr 20
On my server the plugin needs to support multiple worlds settings, because I do not want players on my server to set up Home on any world. Sorry for bad english, waiting to update.
using v1.0.2
27 Jan 20
using v1.0.2
06 Apr 19
Very nice! :)

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Producers §
  • Collaborators:
    • @JackMD
    • @Thunder33345
License §
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