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Plugin than runs configured comands when a certain event occurs
version 1.1
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Plugin Description §



This is a plugin that allows you to setup commands to run when certain ingame events occur

The commands must be configured in the config.yml, which will appear in the plugins folder when the server is restarted after the plugin is added.

You can configure commands for:

  • PlayerFallInVoid
  • PlayerQuit
  • Player Join
  • Player Death
  • Player Gamemode Change
  • Player Level Change (world)
  • Player Respawn
  • Player Exhaust (run out of food)

Command Tags & executors

You can execute the command as:

  • @p (the player without special priveledges)
  • @op (runs command like the player is op)
  • @console (runs command as console

You can use these tags in the command:

  • {player} (the players name)
  • {x}, {y}, {z} (the players X, Y and Z coordinates
  • {tag} (the players tag, nickname/display name)
  • {level} (the world the player is currently in)


If there are any problems or you would like anything additional to be added to the plugin such as more events, or more command tags,

Join the support discord at:

Alternatively create an issue at:

What's new §
  • Fall in void Event
  • Player Quit event

using v1.0
07 Apr 19
It's awsome but also there's a little glitch that when you do the @p part it kinda crashes the server, but the plugin is AWSOME love it hope you add a in game chat so it'll be much more awsome!!!
07 Apr 19
Thanks! For the crash can you create an issue on the GitHub at detailing the error message etc, Also what do you mean by ingame chat?

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