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Add it to your server and all players will thonk all the time!
version 1.0.1
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Plugin Description §


Plugin for PocketMine. Add it to your server and all players will thonk all the time!

When a player joins the server or changes his skin, EverybodyThonk replaces his original head by a new one : a thonking head.

What's thonking?

Well, it's the thinking emoji, but thonking is the meme of it. I can't be more specific. Google is your friend.

What's possible with this plugin?

You can use:

  • ThonkHead::modifySkin([Skin skin]): Apply the thonk's head to a skin
  • ThonkHead::applyTo([Player: player], [optional param:[Skin skin]]): Apply the thonk's head to a player
  • ThonkHead::removeFrom([Player: player]): Remove the thonk's head from a player

Soon, I'll add more options in a config like the possibility to :

  • change the thonking head's skin
  • exclude a player from having the skin
  • And many more!
What's new §
  • Require GD extension
  • Changed $this->getServer()->getLogger() to $this->getLogger()

using v1.0
08 Aug 18
Me Like it me use it

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