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New Version of FactionsPro by Tethered
version 1.4.11
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Plugin Description §



An incomplete rewrite of FactionsPro for PMMP PocketMine-MP by Tethered


  • Easily create, delete, and manage factions
  • Players in the same faction don't inflict PVP damage on each other
  • Kick annoying players
  • Invite anyone you want (they can accept or deny the invite)
  • Claim plots and create a dominating base
  • Three ranks: Member, Officer and Leader


  • /f about - view plugin information
  • /f accept - accept an invite
  • /f claim - claim a plot of land (two snow blocks will mark out the corners)
  • /f create - create a faction
  • /f del - delete your faction (if you are the leader)
  • /f demote - demote a player from Officer to Member
  • /f deny - decline an invite
  • /f home - go to your Faction's home
  • /f help - display all FactionsPro commands
  • /f info - display your Faction's info and MOTD
  • /f info - display another Faction's info and MOTD
  • /f invite - invite a player
  • /f kick - remove someone from the faction
  • /f leader - give your leadership to someone else
  • /f leave - leave a faction you are currently in
  • /f motd - set the message of the day for your faction
  • /f promote - promote a player to Officer rank
  • /f sethome - set your Faction's home point
  • /f unclaim - unclaim your plot
  • /f unsethome unset your Faction's home


There is only one permission for all the faction commands. Some commands are OP only.

f.command - access to FactionsPro user commands.


Add PureChat to display factions in chat, and AntiSpamPro to prevent inappropriate fac names


Credit and thanks to TETHERED for writing this plugin, and various other teams who contributed other parts of the code. Let us know if you'd like credit, we don't know who you all are.

What's new §
  • Fixed inOwnPlot() for external usage, help command in console
  • Use lazy loading of PureChat for >=3.9.4 compatibility
  • Added /f map to show other factions plot direction and distance. Defaults to 500 block max distance (see config)
  • Code reformat
  • Disallowed self promotion
  • Prevent duplicate faction names from now on...
  • Version bump for PO
  • Why?
  • Untested updates for Scheduler nuke #2213 (9644766df3c69)
  • Updated for PMMP PocketMine 3.0.0
  • API version bump, untested
  • Bumped version
  • Updated for 3.0.0-ALPHA11, version bump
  • API version Bump
  • Bumped version
  • Fixed /f claim, again. FPB is an incomplete copy pasta!
  • Bugfix
  • Fixed argument count logic
    • This was just done wrong. No error text on incorrect command syntax
    • because the error text conditions were all excluded thanks to the
    • count($args) == 2 condition. This properly checks for the necessary
    • minimum arg count of 1, required by everything.
    • Whitespace fix
    • oops...
    • fix forceunclaim
    • remove unnecessary argument counting
  • Use PM formatting profile
  • Version bump for 3.0.0-ALPHA9
  • Added PureChat and AntiSpamPro integration
  • Better queries, some type hinting
  • Refactor and clean up
  • tested with 3.0.0-ALPHA8
  • Because semver...
  • Bugfix
  • More bugfixes, improvements
  • Update logo to valid PNG
  • Who did that?!
  • oops
  • Oops
  • Version bump for new Poggit release

Bumped API

Fallback on preg-match if ctype is disabled. Fixed claimed land protection by @corytortoise

using v1.4.11
18 May 20
Hi I am making an faction server the I realised u cant destroy obsiden with tnt so I might have a whole code that u can use to make that happen.
using v1.4.11
02 Feb 20
Yo add commands for OP, ForceDelete, Forcesetpower and so on
using v1.4.9
23 May 19
You mentioned that youadded f map but its not there
using v1.4.6
22 Jan 19
Good, but it doesn't work with purechat!!
using v1.4.5-11
25 May 18
Very good plugin ! Just a little question, will you add MySQL on the plugin ? It would be so great !
using v1.4.5-10
06 Mar 18
Good plugin! Useful and very fun to play along with. The plugin is very user friendly and you will totally get used to the commands very fast.

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Supported API versions
PureChat 1.4.11
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AntiSpamPro 1.4.1
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Producers §
  • Collaborators:
    • @awzaw
    • @sof3
    • @tethered
License §
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