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Area events command plugin for Pocketmine
version 1.0.6-13
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Plugin Description §


If you like Festival please leave a thumb up at poggit to help getting the Festival plugin approved, thank you!_

Beyond PMMP 1.7dev-1001? - poggitbot does not yet support releases beyond ALPHA12: You might want to try the oiginal Festival Stable version dev-32 phar - tested with PMMP 1.7dev-1174 3.0.0!

! All packages for Festival PMMP plugin are generated by automated software provided by, and Always download the original .phar files from or your .zip files from to ensure your environments safety.

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Create a festival with this custom area events plugin for Pocketmine Server ALPHA10+:

Manage area's and run commmands attachted to area events.

Festival creation & usage

Copyright Genboy 2018



issues @ github and/or reviews @ poggit



  • Create and manage area’s (like WorldGuard/iProtector)

    • Define cuboid area by tapping 2 positions
    • create/delete/list area’s
    • add area description
    • whitelist players for the area
    • tp to an area
    • show area’s info at current position


  • Set area flags true means

    • edit: area is save from building/breaking
    • god: players in the area are save in god mode
    • pvp: players in the area are save from PVP
    • flight: players in the area are not allowed to fly
    • touch: area is save from player interaction with chests/signs etc.
    • effects: player can not keep using effects in the area (v.1.0.5-12)
    • msg: do not display area enter/leave messages
    • passage: no passage for non-whitelisted players! (previously barrier flag)
    • perms: player permissions are used to determine area command execution (experiment)
    • drop: players can not drop things

Events & Commands

  • Add commands to area events

    • assign commands to area events
    • enter, center or leave.
    • add/edit/delete area event commands
    • list area commands (ordered by event)
    • change event of area commands


  • World: Default & world specific flags in config.yml
  • Flight: if server allows flight, and level flight-flag is true, an area in that level has still flight enabled untill flight flag is set true
  • Perms: Area event commands are executed by default with op-permissions by players from the area. In v1.0.4-11 an experimental perms flag is added, perms flag true: area uses the player permissions
Created by Genboy 2018

Credits for the area creation and protection code go to iProtector creator LDX-MCPE and all other iProtector devs.



Install & Configure

  • Standard Plugin installation; Upload .phar file (or .zip if you have latest devtools installed), restart the server, go to folder plugins/Festival;

  • Edit config.yml; set the defaults for options, default area flags and the default area flags for specific worlds.

  • Read the config comments carefully about how the flags work!


!Before update always copy your config.yml and areas.json files to a save place, with this you can revert your Festival installation
  • after .phar install and first restart/reload plugins; check console info and your areas.json and config.yml; restart after adjusted correctly

Since v1.0.3-11+

  • pass(passage) flag replaces the barrier flag
  • configuration for area messages (taken out of chat)
    • Msgtype: tip or pop (prefer depend on other plugin message display)
    • Msgdisplay: off = hidden for all players op = only ops see all area enter/leave messages on = all players see the area messages

Since v1.0.4-11

  • areas are updated with the new flags, configuration should be updated manually; example resources/config.yml

Since v1.0.5-12

  • configuration should be updated with AutoWhitelist option & new Effects flag; example resources/config.yml

Since v1.0.6-13

  • new PVP flag
  • new Flight flag
  • /fe list LEVELNAME - Area list of all area's in all levels, or for specified level
  • configuration should be updated resources/config.yml

Create area

First command '/fe pos1' and tab a block for position 1, then command '/fe pos2' and ab a block to set position2, these are the endpoints of the area longest diagonal.

/fe pos1
/fe pos2

Then name/save the selected area

/fe create <AREANAME>  

Now the area is ready to use

You might want to set or edit the area description line

/fe desc <AREANAME> <description>

Set area flags

Festival v1.0.1-11 introduced a fast toggle for flags:

  /fe <edit/god/pvp/flight/touch/effects/drop/msg/pass/perms> <AREANAME>

Area flag defaults are set in the config.yml), server defaults and world specific default flag. 
The basic command to control area flags:

  /fe flag(f) <AREANAME> <edit/god/pvp/flight/touch/effects/drop/msg/pass/perms> <true/false>

Area flag listing

  /fe flag <AREANAME> list

Position info

/fe here

List all area's

/fe list

Teleport to area

/fe tp <AREANAME>

Set description


Manage whitelist

/fe whitelist <AREANAME> <add/list/remove(del,delete)> <PLAYERNAME>

Delete an area

/fe delete(del,remove) <AREANAME> 

Area event commands

/fe command <AREANAME> <add/list/edit/event*/del> <COMMANDID> <COMMANDSTRING/enter*/leave*/center*> 

To add a command you need at least;
  - an areaname, 
  - an unique id for the command 
  - make sure the command works! (when you are op). 

Add a command:


  'add' is the default for attaching a command on the 'enter' event. 
  Using 'enter', 'center' or 'leave' instead of 'add' attaches the new command to 
  the given eventtype: i.e. /fe command <areaname> center <commandid> <commandstring>

List area commands:

/fe command <AREANAME> list

Edit command:


Change command event:

/fe command <AREANAME> event <COMMANDID> <enter/center/leave>

Remove command:

/fe command <AREANAME> del <COMMANDID>


The Festival plugin is in active development.

Development on

If you like to help improve this plugin;

or send an email to msg @

Thank you

Milestones v1.0.0-11 - v1.0.3-11

  • [x] area protection and flag management is stable (core iProtector, 9876ca3 Dec 2017)

  • [x] Area messages and msg/description management are stable

  • [x] Commands can be attachted to specific events at the area:

  • [x] enter: on entering the area

  • [x] center: when in the center of the area

  • [x] leave: when leaving the area

  • [x] Submit to poggit

  • [x] Testing expected possibilities; use as portals and shields, design a minigame park, create a quest/parcour..

  • [x] Passage flag; turning the area into a barrier, no one in, no one out.

  • [x] /fe tp now sends player to the area top-center and prevents fall damage

Milestones v1.0.3-11 - v1.0.6-13

  • [x] Config options:
    • Messages out of chat (tip/pop)
    • Messages persist display to ops (off/op/on)
    • Auto whitelist area creator (on/off)
  • [x] Effects flag: remove players effects in area
  • [x] Perms flag: player perms used for area commands (vs OP pems) [experimental]
  • [x] Drop flag: player can not drop things
  • [x] PVP flag: players can not PvP (warn message)
  • [x] Flight flag: players can not fly (incl. no fall damage & allowed messages)
  • [x] Area Commands: playerName can be used as {player} or @p in area event commands


The area code derives from the iProctector plugin. All credits for the area creation and protection code go to the iProtector creator LDX-MCPE and other iProtector devs.

In a first fork from poggit-orphanage the new code was extending the area with enter and leave messages and adding options to attach separate event-objects to an area and trigger specific events with commands. These test versions kept the core iProtector areas unchanged (to be able to use excisting area's).

These first adjustments worked well being a test plugin but keeping iProtector area's while adding separate event data made me create a split command structure (wich isn't logical or handy) and separate event objects are only needed if the original area class should stay the same. So, for a better plugin command structure and performance the iProtector Area code was used to create the setup for what now has become the Festival Plugin.

What's new §
  • fe tp command as area event; fix perms check + area names info list
  • Added Flight flag
  • Added PVP flag + Flight flag preparations
  • Command filter {player} or @p
  • Command filter {player} or @p
    • Command filter {player} or @p
  • Config info & effects flag check improvements
  • Delete
  • Delete
  • FE list per area or all fixed
  • Fix canPVP (& god)
  • Info update & last check
  • Merge pull request #35 from cosmicAtom/patch-1
    • Update plugin.yml
  • Merge pull request #36 from genboy/master
    • For testing ALPHA13
  • Merge pull request #37 from genboy/master
    • Playername (@p) command filter!
  • Merge pull request #38 from NGGNewGen/patch-2
    • Updated @p to {player}
  • Merge pull request #41 from genboy/master
    • PVP Flag & Flight
  • Merge pull request #44 from genboy/master
    • Dev version 1.0.6-13
  • Merge pull request #45 from genboy/master
    • Fixes & improvements - tested with PMMP 1.7dev-1155
  • Merge pull request #46 from genboy/master
    • last dev v1.0.6-13
  • Merge pull request #47 from genboy/master
    • Fix area list & update usage image
  • Merge pull request #48 from genboy/master
    • Api Version OK -
    • tested with
    • PocketMine-MP version 1.7dev-1174 (API 3.0.0) + DevTools v1.13.0
    • and 1.7dev-1001 (API 3.0.0) + DevTools v1.12.0
    • :) Festival v1.0.6-13 loaded
    • [15:37:45] [Server thread/INFO]: [Festival] 9 commands in 13 areas
  • Merge pull request #49 from genboy/development
    • Release version 1.0.6-13
  • Merge pull request #50 from genboy/master
    • Info update & last check
  • Merge pull request #51 from genboy/stable
    • Stable
  • Merge pull request #52 from genboy/master
    • Release update for poggit
  • Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
  • Playername (@p) command filter!
    • Added string filter to replace @p for playername in area event commands
  • Pre Release ready
  • To far ahead in api version fixed
  • Update
  • Update for new release dev
  • Update issue templates
  • Update plugin.yml
  • Updated @p to {player}
    • Just did a quick fix to the @p variable
    • Since it didnt work i propose the {player} variable
  • flight levelname fix - tested PMMP v 1.7dev-1155
  • image named
  • image update
  • on player quit fix
  • player quit event remove inarea player data
  • poggit bot commit response
  • set save default config
  • style fix
  • update info & typo fix
  • version & flag info update
  • Festival Panathenaic - Release v1.0.4-11

    • new perms & drop flags

      • use player permission rules to determine area command execution with perms flag on
      • no dropping in the area's with drop flag on
    • config update fallbacks

    • few bug fixes & code cleanup

    • checked perms and drop flag, config fallbacks, cleaner code and a few bug fixes

  • Implement configs fallback

  • Setup Perms flag & drop flag

  • Update

  • add config Msgdisplay

  • area empty value cleanup

  • default configs added

  • Merge pull request #9 from genboy/master
    • ext 3
  • Fix multiplayer inArea
    • fixes to many messages
  • Add /fe command
  • Add files via upload
  • Clean up info
  • Create .poggit.yml
  • Create Area
  • Create Main.php
  • Create config.yml
  • Extend area variables
  • Initial commit
  • Merge pull request #1 from genboy/command_events
    • Command events
  • Merge pull request #2 from genboy/events_mangement
    • area commands activated
  • Merge pull request #3 from genboy/refinements
    • Refinements up to PMMP alpha 11
  • More info!
  • Rename Area to Area.php
  • Update Area.php
  • Update Main.php
  • Update plugin.yml
  • add area description, commands and message flag
  • add icon
  • bit more info
  • breaks on playerMoveEvents and a bit more clear info
  • bump alpha 11
  • clean up
  • command listings by event type
  • command op or no op testing
  • command to change eventtype
  • desc command & here area info
  • fe list areas ordered by world
  • on enable console command count
  • ready :)
  • refined info
  • testing command exec, add onCenterArea & fix eventtype deletion
  • testing event type assignment for commands (enter/center/leave)

using v1.0.8
27 Dec 18
This plugin is very nice to have in your server to protect areas. It has a lot of handy flags. It's not perfect though, as the flight flag can be annoying. It would be nice if there was an option to prevent the plugin from managing flight.
using v1.0.7
04 Nov 18
Sorry, I had really high hops for this, but if I set 1 area it disables building and pvp in other worlds, pluse in one area I tried enabling and disabling pvp and it still never worked. Pluse it keeps fly always on even if you disabled it
10 Dec 18
Hi DeveloperNeb101, 1. I have not been able to reproduce your problems, let me help you so you can enjoy Festival. 2. Please reconsider your vote; i don't think you really mean to put Festival plugin down :)
using v1.0.7
08 Sep 18
confusing, for some reason normal user still can break blocks in the area with edit true or false, flight is also possible with either true or false maybe a readme rewrite to know what does true/false do & what world,global means in the config
23 Sep 18
Hi, a wiki update was needed. please see - In game experience can be very confusing because of many things, ie. op permissions, gamemodes, Festival whitelisting, Multiple Festival flags and other plugin settings. Flags: Any flag true will protect the area and the players in it. edit: true (on) means no breaking/building by players. shoot: true (on) means no shooting by players. I like to help, you can send an issue on github or by mail, include pocketmine version and a list of active plugins. Please first check festival and other plugins configs (ie. worldguard) and the used player permissions incl. Festival whitelistings. Thank you for sharing your experience here.
using v1.0.7
26 Aug 18
using v1.0.4-11
11 Jun 18
Great Plugin really helps with building protection
using v1.0.4-11
30 Apr 18
Awesome plugin
using v1.0.4-11
30 Apr 18
A promising update! Keep it up
using v1.0.4-11
01 Apr 18
It is great can be improved i like IT!!!
using v1.0.2-11
13 Mar 18
I've been trying to set a place to be minable at spawn, I have a feeling its spawn protection causing this. Any tips? Should i turn off spawn protection? Im having a hard time making a prison server... :/
13 Mar 18
I'm not sure, checked if edit flag is false at spawn area? Maybe overlapping area's or the area barrier at area bottom? Hope i can help if you define the problem a bit more at
using v1.0.2-11
12 Mar 18
Why doesn't work?
using v1.0.1-11
22 Feb 18
Any way To not say stuff when ppl enter/leave?
22 Feb 18
Yes, 3 ways actually. The Msg display for players can be set with the 'msg' flag; ingame: toggle the msg flag of the area with command /fe msg <areaname> or adjust the msg flag in config.yml (as global default and/or world specific default msg flag) Note: in current release ops always see the area messages! - I checked and see the barrier msg is still displayed too much, I'll fix this in next release. All the flags should work as said in the config.yml, otherwise pls let me know!
using v1.0.0-11
23 Feb 18
using v1.0.0-11
22 Feb 18
Great Job!
using v1.0.0-11
19 Feb 18
this is simple and a good idea. can see use for this. thank you.
using v1.0.0-11
14 Feb 18
Nice idea
15 Feb 18
Thank you for the stars! If any particular notes pls let me know

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