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Add firecrackers to your server! Happy new year!
version 1.0.0
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Plugin Description §

This plugin adds brick items to the player inventory, which behave like firecrackers when thrown!

They will show flame particles and emit a fizzing sound, and after 3 seconds they will explode!

They will not hurt entities, and not damage the environment (Unlike real ones!)


There are 2 config options:

  • give-items-after: How many seconds should pass until the player receives a new firecracker
  • translation: How the firecrackers should be named. Color codes like §c are supported


This was one of the first plugins i ever wrote. Now, some years later (Silvester 2019/20) i stumbled upon it and thought: "Hey, it is silvester, this plugin was quite fun, why not update it?, so i recoded it.

Be safe! And remember: Firecrackers are no toys. Real firecrackers can harm you and other people! Use them carefully!

using v1.0.0
09 Jan 21
Cool plugin (;
using v1.0.0
08 Apr 20
It does its job although it would be nice if they had the explosion of the artificial rockets it would be very OP :) And add a command better than 30 sec cooldown to give it

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