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A PocketMine-MP FloatingTextCreator completely different from the others on Poggit.
version 1.0.3
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Plugin Description §

This FloatingTextCreator plugin is completely different from the ones you see on Poggit while that much easier and constantly in active development.

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  • Ability to create FloatingTexts with just one easy command with no need to type up a long paragraph in-game.

Planned features

We will not take any suggestions for FloatingTextCreator API 3.0.0 for the reason below.

FloatingTextCreator on PocketMine API 3.0.0 is now on feature freeze and will only be doing plugin updates when it comes to bug fixes and protocol updates.

Commands & Permissions

Command Description Permissions
/ftc Create A FloatingText ftc.command.adm


It's fairly easy yet simple and easy to use and if you make any typo you can easily modify it without needing to rewrite a long paragraph.

  1. Go to plugin_data/FloatingTextCreator/config.yml and follow the pattern and configure the texts to your liking with the provided tags

  2. Restart your server and join your server

  3. Go to the position you wish to create your floating text and simply run /ftc create txt {TxtName}. {TxtName} is the name of your floatingtext you named from your config.yml texts

  4. And you should be fine from there and you will be provided with a 1-3 rarely 4 digit ID which will be easy for you to delete and recreate without needing to memorize the IDs when trying to delete it!


You found a bug or a plugin issue?

  • Contact support in the Discord Server

  • Create an Issue

  • Write your bug & the issue you are having with all informations including the error so I can track the issue

  • Submit the issue and be patient for a response for a solution to your problem

If you are using a modified Pocketmine-MP build/version you will not get assisted.

What's new §
  • Removed MCPE-Protocol field.
  • Protocol Update 471 (v1.17.40 Support)
  • v1.0.1 Official Release
  • Protocol Update 465 (v1.17.30 Support)

using v1.0.0
24 Aug 21
this plugin not support multiworld. Pls fix it
using v1.0.0
18 Aug 21
Ok nice plugain dood
using v1.0.0
18 Aug 21
using v1.0.0
17 Aug 21
The plugin works fine :)
using v1.0.0
17 Aug 21
Rất tuyệt nếu nó hỗ trợ cả piggyfactions
using v1.0.0
16 Aug 21

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    • @SpiceX
License §

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