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Pocketmine plugin designed for effects to be given to players when items are consumed.
version 1.0.0
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Plugin Description §



With this plugin, you are able to assign different effects to items so that when a player consumes that item, they are given the effect for a set duration at a set effect level! All of these options can be set in the items.json file. The format for the item listing can be found in both the config.yml file and down below if you ever get confused. You can also find examples inside the default items.json file. If you would like a video example of the plugin in action, click here

Item Formatting

In JSON, this is how your formatting should look:


Item Listing Example

Desired configuration:

  • When steak(364) is consumed, give blindness(15) level 1 for 10 seconds and strength(5) level 2 for 30 seconds
  • When an apple(260) is consumed, give speed(1) level 3 for 15 seconds and infinite(0) night vision(16) level 1

Configuration in JSON:

Supported API versions
License §

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