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Getting bent out of shape for glass pane block's small hitbox?
version 0.1.0
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🪟 Glass Pain

💡 Hint messages 🔐 Permission node for customisation 🌐 Multi-language system 🔌 API for anticheats

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Getting bent out of shape for glass pane block's small hitbox? This plugin turns glass panes into their full-block versions when one is holding a block to help align with them more easily!

If the players are too close to some glass panes that are supposed to be replaced, a warning message will show on their screen so they will be less likely to get stuck or just fall off:

Demonstration GIF of the warning message

🔐 Permission node

  • glasspain.use: One can enjoy the feature when having this perm attached to.

Want to enable this feature for certain groups of people? Use RankSystem achieve it!

🌐 Existing languages


In spite of being a big spaghetti, this plugin still provides an API. If you are developing an anticheat, please consider taking a look because this plugin sends fake blocks to clients:

use Endermanbugzjfc\GlassPain\API as GlassPain;

$block = GlassPain::getInstance()->getClientSideBlock($player, $pos);

using v0.1.0
12 Sep 23
Good pl
Thank you!

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