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Mute the global chat! Meaning no one will be able to chat.
version 1.0.1
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Plugin Description §


Ever wanted to mute the chat for every player? Well here it is! Basically if you toggle on global mute, no one will be able to chat until it's toggled off. Only the player's with the permission can chat.


You can get the latest compiled version here.

How to install?

After downloading the compiled version from poggit, simply put the file in your server directory (/plugins)


There are currently two permissions.

Permission to use the command: global.mute.

Permission to chat even if global mute is toggled on:

How does this work?

Type /globalmute on/off to toggle it on/off. After the global mute is toggled on, only the players with permission can chat otherwise everyone else have to wait till it's toggled off.

Suggestions and Issues

You can simply open an issue if you want to suggest anything.

You can simply open an issue if you find any bugs and I'll try to fix it as soon as possible!

What's new §
  • Global Mute 2.0/Thanks to twisted.
    • Improvements, cleanup & #2
  • Improvements, cleanup & #2
  • Typo fix

using v1.0.1
19 Dec 19
Suggestion! Add it where you can add a person to allow chat ingame without getting him the permission

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