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Post Pocketmine notifications to a Gotify server
version 0.0.12
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Sick of checking your log file or console for what is happening on your Pocketmine server? This Pocketmine plugin will push events to a Gotify notification server, allowing you to monitor activity via Gotify! (

Step 1. Setup and host a Gotify server (

Step 2. Within Gotify, create a new App for Pocketmine, record the App token

Step 3. Update config.yml for this plugin with the Gotify configuration

Gotify screenshot

The following events will be pushed in real time:

  • PlayerQuitEvent (when a player leaves the server)
  • PlayerJoinEvent (when a player joins the server)
  • PlayerKickEvent (when a player is kicked from the server)
  • PlayerLoginEvent (when the player commences login)
  • PlayerGameModeChangeEvent (when the player changes their game mode)
  • CommandEvent (when a player executes a command, and what the command was)
  • LowMemoryEvent (when the server is low on memory)
  • UpdateNotifyEvent (when a server update is available)

using v0.0.12
09 May 20
But how can I host a Server on your Github page?
10 May 20
You need to host your own server (likely the same box you are hosting Pocketmine on) refer to Gotify install instructions here:
using v0.0.12
06 May 20
Nice plugin! I like how it tells me how long players are logged in.
using v0.0.12
06 May 20
a good plugin but It crashed my server And there is no custom message feature
06 May 20
can you log a crash report on Github. I'm not sure what you mean on the custom message part, this is a notification system for server events.

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