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A GroupSystem for PocketMine-MP!
version 2.0.0
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Plugin Description §



  • Full-Custom Messages
  • Time-Ranks


Usage Description Permission
/group Manage the groups and player group.command
/groupinfo See your group and the expire date No Permission


DefaultGroup: Player


prefix: §8» §l§cGroupSystem §r§8| §r§7
raw_year: year(s)
raw_month: month(s)
raw_day: day(s)
raw_hour: hour(s)
raw_minute: minute(s)
raw_second: second(s)
raw_never: NEVER
no_perm: '{PREFIX}§cYou don''t have the permission to use this command!'
group_changed: '{PREFIX}Your group was changed to §e{%0}§7!{line}{PREFIX}Expires in:
player_not_found: §cThe player §e{%0} §7wasn't found!
group_added: §7The group §e{%0} §7was added to the player §e{%1}§7!
group_cant_added: §cThe group §e{%0} §ccan't added to the player §e{%1}§c!
group_removed: §7The group §e{%0} §7was removed from the player §e{%1}§7!
group_cant_removed: §cThe group §e{%0} §ccan't removed from the player §e{%1}§c!
group_created: §7The group §e{%0} §7was created!
group_deleted: §7The group §e{%0} §7was removed!
group_edited: §7The group §e{%0} §7was edited!
group_info: '{PREFIX}§7Your group: §e{%0}{line}{PREFIX}§7Expires in: §e{%1}'
group_doesnt_exists: §cThe group §e{%0} §cdoesn't exists!
group_already_exists: §cThe group §e{%0} §calready exists!
groups_reloaded: §7The groups were reloaded!
permission_added: §7The permission §e{%1} §7was added to the player §e{%0}§7!
permission_removed: §7The permission §e{%1} §7was removed from the player §e{%0}§7!
provide_permission: §cPlease provide a permission!
provide_group_name: §cPlease provice a group name!
player_has_no_groups: §7The player §e{%0} §7has §cno groups§7!
group_skipped: §7The group of the player §e{%0} §7was skipped!
main_ui_title: §cGroupSystem
main_ui_manage_players: §cManage Players
main_ui_manage_groups: §cManage Groups
select_player_ui_title: §7Provide a player
select_player_input_text: §7Username
manage_players_ui_title: §cManage Players §8- §e{%0}
manage_players_ui_text: '§7Group: §e{%0}{line}§7Expires in: §e{%1}'
manage_players_ui_add_group: §aAdd group
manage_players_ui_remove_group: §cRemove group
manage_players_ui_skip_group: §2Skip group
manage_players_ui_see_groups: §eSee groups
manage_players_ui_add_permission: §aAdd permission
manage_players_ui_remove_permission: §cRemove permission
manage_players_ui_see_permissions: §eSee permissions
manage_players_ui_back: §4Back
add_group_ui_title: §aAdd group
add_group_ui_choose_group: §7Choose a group
add_group_ui_choose_time: §7Choose a time §8(§cLeave it blank for lifetime§8)
add_group_ui_choose_priority: §7Choose a priority
remove_group_ui_title: §cRemove group
remove_group_ui_choose_group: §7Choose a group
see_groups_ui_title: §eSee groups
see_groups_ui_text: §7The player §e{%0} §7has §e{%1} groups§7!
add_permission_ui_title: §aAdd permission
add_permission_ui_which_permission: §7Which permission would you add?
remove_permission_ui_title: §cRemove permission
remove_permission_ui_which_permission: §7Which permission would you remove?
see_permissions_ui_title: §eSee permissions
see_permissions_ui_text: §7The player §e{%0} §7has §e{%1} extra permissions§7!
manage_groups_ui_title: §cManage Groups
manage_groups_ui_create_group: §aCreate group
manage_groups_ui_remove_group: §cRemove group
manage_groups_ui_edit_group: §eEdit group
manage_groups_ui_see_groups: §6See groups
manage_groups_ui_reload_groups: §3Reload groups
manage_groups_ui_back: §4Back
create_group_ui_title: §aCreate group
create_group_ui_text: §cLeave fields blank to set the value to the default!
create_group_ui_name: §7Name of the Group
create_group_ui_nametag: §7NameTag of the Group §8(§e{name} §8= §7Player§8)
create_group_ui_displayname: §7DisplayName of the Group §8(§e{name} §8= §7Player§8)
create_group_ui_colorcode: '§7ColorCode of the Group §8(§7Example: §ePARAGRAPH+4 §8=
create_group_ui_chatformat: §7ChatFormat of the Group §8(§e{name} §8= §7Player§8,
  §e{msg} §8= §7Message§8)
create_group_ui_permissions: §7Permissions of the Group §8(§cSeperated by §e;§8)
delete_group_ui_title: §cRemove group
delete_group_ui_choose_group: §7Choose a group
edit_group_ui_title: §eEdit group
edit_group_ui_text: §l§cLeave a field blank for no changes!
edit_group_ui_choose_group: §7Choose a group
edit_group_ui_nametag: §7New NameTag §8(§e{name} §8= §7Player§8)
edit_group_ui_displayname: §7New DisplayName §8(§e{name} §8= §7Player§8)
edit_group_ui_colorcode: '§7New ColorCode §8(§7Example: §ePARAGRAPH+4 §8= §4DARK_RED§8)'
edit_group_ui_chatformat: §7New ChatFormat §8(§e{name} §8= §7Player§8, §e{msg} §8=
edit_group_ui_permissions: §7New Permissions §8(§cSeperated by §e;§8)
see_available_groups_ui_title: §6See groups
see_available_groups_ui_text: §e{%0} groups §7are available!{line}§cClick on a group
  for information!
see_available_group_title: §e{%0}
see_available_group_text: '§7Name: §e{%0}{line}§r§7NameTag: §e{%1}{line}§r§7DisplayName:
  §e{%2}{line}§r§7ChatFormat: §e{%3}{line}§r§7Permissions:{line}§e{%4}'
see_available_group_back: §4Back

using v2.0.0
24 Jun 22
Much better than pureperms indeed!
25 Jun 22
Thank you very much <3
using v2.0.0
10 Jun 22
10 Jun 22

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