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A GroupSystem for PocketMine-MP!
version 3.3.0
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Plugin Description §

Manage permissions and ranks of the players!


  • Full-Custom Messages
  • Temporary-Ranks
  • Custom Paths
  • ScoreHud Support
  • Update Checker
  • MySQL Support


Usage Description Permission
/group Manage the groups and player group.command
/groupinfo See your group and the expire date No Permission

ScoreHud Tags

Tag Description Shows the group name with the color Shows the group name without the color Shows the remaining time of your group


# mysql, json, yml
provider: json
  host: "localhost"
  port: 3306
  username: "root"
  password: "your_password"
  database: "your_database"
DefaultGroup: Player
Update-Check: true
# Example: /home/GroupSystem/
# Default: plugin_data/GroupSystem/
Groups-Path: default
# Example: /home/GroupSystem/players/
# Default: plugin_data/GroupSystem/players/
Players-Path: default
# Example: /home/GroupSystem/
# Default: plugin_data/GroupSystem/
Messages-Path: default


prefix: §8» §l§cGroupSystem §r§8| §r§7
raw_year: year(s)
raw_month: month(s)
raw_day: day(s)
raw_hour: hour(s)
raw_minute: minute(s)
raw_second: second(s)
raw_never: NEVER
updater_outdated: '{PREFIX}§cYour version of §e''GroupSystem'' §coutdated!'
updater_outdated_2: '{PREFIX}§cYour Version: §e{%0} §r§8| §cLatest Version: §e{%1}'
updater_error: '{PREFIX}§cAn error has occurred! Disabling the plugin...'
updater_uptodate: '{PREFIX}§aYour version of §e''GroupSystem'' §ais up to date!'
no_perm: '{PREFIX}§cYou don''t have the permission to use this command!'
group_changed: '{PREFIX}Your group was changed to §e{%0}§7!{line}{PREFIX}Expires in:
player_not_found: §cThe player §e{%0} §7wasn't found!
group_added: §7The group §e{%0} §7was added to the player §e{%1}§7!
group_cant_added: §cThe group §e{%0} §ccan't added to the player §e{%1}§c!
group_removed: §7The group §e{%0} §7was removed from the player §e{%1}§7!
group_cant_removed: §cThe group §e{%0} §ccan't removed from the player §e{%1}§c!
group_created: §7The group §e{%0} §7was created!
group_deleted: §7The group §e{%0} §7was removed!
group_edited: §7The group §e{%0} §7was edited!
group_info: '{PREFIX}§7Your group: §e{%0}{line}{PREFIX}§7Expires in: §e{%1}'
group_doesnt_exists: §cThe group §e{%0} §cdoesn't exists!
group_already_exists: §cThe group §e{%0} §calready exists!
groups_reloaded: §7The groups were reloaded!
permission_added: §7The permission §e{%1} §7was added to the player §e{%0}§7!
permission_removed: §7The permission §e{%1} §7was removed from the player §e{%0}§7!
provide_permission: §cPlease provide a permission!
provide_group_name: §cPlease provice a group name!
player_has_no_groups: §7The player §e{%0} §7has §cno groups§7!
group_skipped: §7The group of the player §e{%0} §7was skipped!
main_ui_title: §cGroupSystem
main_ui_manage_players: §cManage Players
main_ui_manage_groups: §cManage Groups
select_player_ui_title: §7Provide a player
select_player_input_text: §7Username
manage_players_ui_title: §cManage Players §8- §e{%0}
manage_players_ui_text: '§7Group: §e{%0}{line}§7Expires in: §e{%1}'
manage_players_ui_add_group: §aAdd group
manage_players_ui_remove_group: §cRemove group
manage_players_ui_skip_group: §2Skip group
manage_players_ui_see_groups: §eSee groups
manage_players_ui_add_permission: §aAdd permission
manage_players_ui_remove_permission: §cRemove permission
manage_players_ui_see_permissions: §eSee permissions
manage_players_ui_back: §4Back
add_group_ui_title: §aAdd group
add_group_ui_choose_group: §7Choose a group
add_group_ui_choose_time: §7Choose a time §8(§cLeave it blank for lifetime§8)
remove_group_ui_title: §cRemove group
remove_group_ui_choose_group: §7Choose a group
see_groups_ui_title: §eSee groups
see_groups_ui_text: §7The player §e{%0} §7has §e{%1} groups§7!
add_permission_ui_title: §aAdd permission
add_permission_ui_which_permission: §7Which permission would you add?
remove_permission_ui_title: §cRemove permission
remove_permission_ui_which_permission: §7Which permission would you remove?
see_permissions_ui_title: §eSee permissions
see_permissions_ui_text: §7The player §e{%0} §7has §e{%1} extra permissions§7!
manage_groups_ui_title: §cManage Groups
manage_groups_ui_create_group: §aCreate group
manage_groups_ui_remove_group: §cRemove group
manage_groups_ui_edit_group: §eEdit group
manage_groups_ui_see_groups: §6See groups
manage_groups_ui_reload_groups: §3Reload groups
manage_groups_ui_back: §4Back
create_group_ui_title: §aCreate group
create_group_ui_text: §cLeave fields blank to set the value to the default!
create_group_ui_name: §7Name of the Group
create_group_ui_nametag: §7NameTag of the Group §8(§e{name} §8= §7Player§8)
create_group_ui_displayname: §7DisplayName of the Group §8(§e{name} §8= §7Player§8)
create_group_ui_colorcode: '§7ColorCode of the Group §8(§7Example: §ePARAGRAPH+4 §8=
create_group_ui_chatformat: §7ChatFormat of the Group §8(§e{name} §8= §7Player§8,
  §e{msg} §8= §7Message§8)
create_group_ui_permissions: §7Permissions of the Group §8(§cSeperated by §e;§8)
delete_group_ui_title: §cRemove group
delete_group_ui_choose_group: §7Choose a group
edit_group_ui_title: §eEdit group
edit_group_ui_text: §l§cLeave a field blank for no changes!
edit_group_ui_choose_group: §7Choose a group
edit_group_ui_nametag: §7New NameTag §8(§e{name} §8= §7Player§8)
edit_group_ui_displayname: §7New DisplayName §8(§e{name} §8= §7Player§8)
edit_group_ui_colorcode: '§7New ColorCode §8(§7Example: §ePARAGRAPH+4 §8= §4DARK_RED§8)'
edit_group_ui_chatformat: §7New ChatFormat §8(§e{name} §8= §7Player§8, §e{msg} §8=
edit_group_ui_permissions: §7New Permissions §8(§cSeperated by §e;§8)
see_available_groups_ui_title: §6See groups
see_available_groups_ui_text: §e{%0} groups §7are available!{line}§cClick on a group
  for information!
see_available_group_title: §e{%0}
see_available_group_text: '§7Name: §e{%0}{line}§r§7NameTag: §e{%1}{line}§r§7DisplayName:
  §e{%2}{line}§r§7ChatFormat: §e{%3}{line}§r§7Permissions:{line}§e{%4}'
see_available_group_back: §4Back
What's new §

[+] General code changes
[+] Added icon
[+] Now using libasynql

Fixed that the permissions were not set

[...] Fixed the bug that if the group can't be loaded, that PlayerGroup will be set and not the normal default group object

[...] Fixed some bad bugs

[+] Added Provider Support (MySQL, YAML, JSON)
[...] Some Bug fixes
[...] New and better Code structure
[-] Removed GroupPriority due to its useless

[+] pm5 support

Fixed pmforms version

[+] Update Checker
[+] Added ScoreHud Support
[+] 4 new messages for update check
[+] Added Custom paths for saving groups, messages and player data

using v3.0.1
31 May 23
using v3.0.0
25 Aug 22
using v2.0.0
24 Jun 22
Much better than pureperms indeed!
25 Jun 22
Thank you very much <3
using v2.0.0
10 Jun 22
10 Jun 22

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