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Chat games about simple maths and guessing
version 3.1.0
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Plugin Description §

GuessTheNumber Icon Poggit-CI

A PocketMine-MP plugin which adds games about numbers to your server.

When winning a game, a player is given certain prizes which were set in the configuration file.


Game name Description Example
Random Integer Guess a pseudo-random number generated by the plugin 8
Exponent Raise integer 1 to the power of integer 2 (2)^3 = 8
Addition Add integer 2 to integer 1 5 + 3 = 8
Subtraction Subtract integer 2 from integer 1 9 - 1 = 8
Multiplication Multiply integer 1 times integer 2 4 * 2 = 8
Division Divide integer 1 by integer 2 16 / 2 = 8
Factorial Product of all positive integers below and integer 1 5! (or 5 * 4 * 3 * 2 * 1) = 120
Pattern Search - -


Command Permission Node Information
/numbergame guessthenumber.cmd Main command of GuessTheNumber.
/numbergame randominteger guessthenumber.cmd.randomint Starts a random integer game
/numbergame exponent guessthenumber.cmd.exponent Starts an exponent game
/numbergame addition guessthenumber.cmd.addition Starts an addition game
/numbergame subtraction guessthenumber.cmd.subtraction Starts a subtraction game
/numbergame multiplication guessthenumber.cmd.multiplication Starts a multiplication game
/numbergame division guessthenumber.cmd.division Starts a division game
/numbergame factorial guessthenumber.cmd.factorial Starts a factorial game
/numbergame patternsearch guessthenumber.cmd.patternsearch Starts a pattern search game
/numbergame solution guessthenumber.cmd.solution Gives the user the solution to the current task.
/numbergame abort guessthenumber.cmd.abort Aborts an active game.
What's new §
  • API: 3.0.0 update and typehinting (#7)
  • Bump api to 3.0.0-ALPHA9
    • There are no compatibility issues I'm aware of after testing the plugin.
  • Prefer to use do-while loops instead of while ...
    • loops in the getExample() methods of the games

using v3.1.0
28 Oct 18
Awesome, fun plugin

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Requirements & Enhancements
Other Enhancement Set your own item prizes inside the config file
License §

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