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Hotbar Items!
version 2.0.6
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Plugin Description §


A versatile and full featured hotbar plugin! Add items and make them execute commands, on any world!


The default configuration provides lots of help setting up the plugin!


Hotbars are inventory containers for the slots 1-9, you can define them in the config.yml file, and make them automatically appear in worlds using the Worlds part of the configuration.

Worlds: # Here you can specify hotbars above and pair them with worlds
  world: UniqueHotbarName

If you don't have them automatically appear, you can still call them by calling the command hotbar {identifier} {player}

Note that this command can only be called by the console

Command format

For every item you need to add commands in order to do things. This plugin accepts multiple commands per tap, and they will be executed in the order that they're listed in.

Commands are listed in the format of commandToExecute@executor where executor must be either player, op or console.

You can also leave out the @executor part for most commands by specifying a default way for them to be run using the Default Command Options part of the config.

Default CommandOptions: player # or op or console

Replaceable in commands

You can use these in your commands to make references to the player! These are capitalization sensitive, so make sure to type them as shown here!

{player}  IGN of the player
{tag}     Name tag of the player
{level}   The players level

{x}       The players X
{y}       The players Y
{z}       The players Z

Locking Inventories

You may wish to block a player from modifying their inventory when they have a hotbar, the "Locked Inventory" part of the config allows for this:

- example
- world

Locked inventories are unable to have items moved in them, and players with locked inventories can't pickup items or arrows.

Note that items will be locked until the Hotbar is removed from the player.

The Hotbar Command

Previously, the hotbar command could only be used by the console, however now there is "hotbar" permission that allows a user to access the command.

There are a few uses of the hotbar command.

To remove a hotbar simply type the command

hotbar {clear} {player}

where player is the players name. The brackets around clear are to make sure you don't name a world that by mistake, in which case it will clear rather than send the hotbar. This will also unlock the players inventory and allow them to move items.

To send a hotbar to a player you can use the command like so

hotbar {hotbarName} {player}

Where {hotbarName} represents the name of the hotbar and {player} is the players name (leave out the brackets here)

You are also able to list all hotbars using the list argument:

hotbar {list}


The cooldown is to "fix" the player interact spam bug, which is a client side issue on Windows 10, I recommend the default value, but you can set it as high/low as you'd like.


This plugin comes with a full API and allows for the creation of Hotbars that use closures to execute code as well as hotbars that execute commands. To make use of this a plugin would simply need to create a new ClosureHotbar or CommandHotbar and then do

// Make sure $player is an instance of the Player class
$player->getServer()->getPluginManager()->getPlugin('Hotbar')->getHotbarUsers()->assign($player, $hotbar);

Plugin extensions

Make a plugin that uses the API from this? Open an issue and I'll add it to the list

So far:

Demo of this plugin

To see this plugin in action, you can join my server: 19132


Add Discord: adam#9876

What's new §
  • Support for Pocketmine API 4
  • Change shield to total downloads
  • Fix for {player} with spaces in name!
    • If you used the {player} substitution in a command it wouldn't work if the player had spaces in their name.
  • Safety check for null level
  • Change comment and add text art
  • Fix level loading bug
    • Levels weren't loaded as they should have been, this was due to a typo, fixed now.
  • Update config.yml
  • Update plugin.yml
  • Add loadbefore
  • Add support for Kit plugins
  • Fix my hack to stop crash
  • Sync
    • Added LoseHotbarEvent
  • Ty @dktapps
    • Better way to do this!
  • Update config.yml
  • Version bump
  • Bump version
  • Important changes
    • Fixed issue with only setting one item and one Hotbar
      • How did this get through poggit
    • code review ?
      • Fixed this entirely though, works good now 👍
    • Changed Default-Command-Options to Default Command Options for consistancy
    • Updated to reflect changes
  • Entirely rewritten, better code with full API
  • Hotbar command now has the ability to clear a hotbar and list hotbars that are registered
  • Hotbar locking only applies when a player has the hotbar, and the locking can be removed by clearing the hotbar from the player
  • Locked hotbars block the player from picking up arrows and items
  • Simplified configuration
  • Commands like /transferserver no longer throw errors when running because the player is kicked mid event (hack, removing in API 4.0.0).
  • Update
  • Update issue templates
  • change priority of onJoin()
    • This may need to be changed by players if they have third party ban plugins- I changed mine to 'Low' (changed back) because I made a ban plugin and it conflicted.
  • tiny speed optimization.. this already does very little strain, fixed a mistake in code organization
  • Better practices, typo fix
  • Documentation changes
    • All events are now @priority HIGHEST so they won't get overwritten by other plugins.
  • typo fixes in README

using v2.0.4
21 Feb 21
Hi, I think the plugin is very good but unfortunately I can't speak English, and it is difficult for me to configure the plugin, I've been trying for 3 days, but it's useless, could you please help me.
using v2.0.4
31 Aug 20
Nice plugin there Adam! Thanks for posting it here for free as I was in serious need of something like it XD Tysm! ^_~
03 Nov 20
Glad you like my plugin!
using v2.0.4
05 Aug 20
using v2.0.4
26 Jul 20
using v2.0.4
09 Jul 20
It works but how do I add a second item?
03 Nov 20
Just copy the first item and paste it below it with a different slot
using v2.0.3
17 Jun 20
using v2.0.3
22 Feb 20
ye it says ur not accepting new friends on discord how do i make more then one hotbar when i do it makes error codes
using v2.0.3
03 Feb 20
why wont it let me have more than 1 item in the hotbar
using v2.0.3
24 May 19
Love it, but can you tell me how everything works pls =) thanks
01 Jun 19
If you need personal help just message me on discord Adam🔥#0001
using v2.0.2
20 May 19
Great! It's work in my Server :), Sorry for bad rating XD
20 May 19
Thanks for updating your review! 😊

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