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A PocketMine plugin that lets you view and modify player's inventory and ender inventory realtime.
version 1.0.0
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Plugin Description §

InvSee lets you view and modify player's inventory and ender chest inventory realtime. You can view and modify offline players' inventories too, and even the inventory of players that never played on your server.

What's new §
  • Add 4.0 branch to poggit
  • Bump InvMenu version #21
  • Fix #12
  • Fix #2 (commands wont execute when the plugin is disabled). More code formatting
  • Fix bug with EntityInventoryChangeEvent also handling EntityArmorChangeEvent and duplicating the action
  • Fixed bug with incorrect slot index for armors
    • Um, I hope no one used this plugin before this commit
  • Forgot to bump version when bumping version
  • Garbage optimization time!
      • Added InvSeeInventory::initialize(), InvSeeInventory::deInitialize(), SpyingPlayerData::remove(), SpyingPlayerData::isEmpty(). InvSeeEnderInventoryProcessor is only installed while someone is spying the player's inventory. No more unnecessary InvSeeEnderInventoryProcessor::onSlotChange() calls.
      • Fixed a bug where SpyingPlayerData instance was gc-d when either InvSeePlayerInventory or InvSeeEnderChestInventory was not in use of a spyer anymore. Now it's gc-d only when none of the inventories are in use.
  • InvSee v1.0 (#11)
      • Fixed several bugs
      • Rewrote all the inventory transaction handling

using v1.0.0
04 Jul 21
using v1.0.0
04 Jun 21
not working
using v1.0.0
25 Jan 21
Please fix this -_- [Server thread/CRITICAL]: InvalidStateException: "Tried to schedule task to disabled scheduler" (EXCEPTION) in "src/pocketmine/scheduler/TaskScheduler" at line 128
using v1.0.0
06 Jun 20
[12:36:33] [Server thread/CRITICAL]: InvalidStateException: "Tried to schedule task to disabled scheduler" (EXCEPTION) in "src/pocketmine/scheduler/TaskScheduler" at line 125 comment on r├ęgle ca ?
using v1.0.0
07 May 20
using v1.0.0
30 Apr 20
please help cant see the inventory it keeps closing, But the enderinvsee works tho
using v1.0.0
26 Mar 20
Reallllly helpful for catching sneaky people works well, not always working 100% of the time but would recommend to staff!
using v1.0.0
01 Mar 20
using v1.0.0
01 Aug 19
as Darkfighter710 was saying, when you do /reload it stops working! you need to restart the server for it to work again! this really sucks! fix soon please!
using v1.0.0
27 Jul 19
It works now! But only if you don't reload your server. You have to restart your server if you want that this plugin works. If you reload after that there is again internal server error until you restart again.. Pls fix it!
using v0.0.1
05 Mar 19
1. Sometimes "Internal Server Error" 2. Can you add support for deactivating the feature to register players, because my admins can register players with that and that destroyes the stats!
using v0.0.1
13 Jan 19
Sometimes works, sometimes doesn't, sometimes kicks me reason-> 'internal error'. Perfect!
using v0.0.1
28 Jul 18
@joshuasing what is the feature or command?
using v0.0.1
29 Jun 18
it has errors....

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    • @Muqsit
License §
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