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Be able to set your inventory as an item and on use of the item give you the stuff from the shard
version 0.0.9-1
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Plugin Description §


What Does This Plugin Do

This Plugin Allows you To Add Shards That copy Your Inventory and then on use of the shard Gives you the inventory you saved back

Look in the "How To Create A Shard" section To Learn how to create a shard

Look in the "Command" section To Learn how to create a shard

Thats all there is about this its not anything more or less

How To Create A Shard

Open The config.yml

And Fill This out how you want


  {Shard Name}:
    item-name: "{Name Of the item when you give it}"
      - "{Your Lore}"
      - "{Your Lore}"

Then Put that in the config.yml

Q and A

You have can i think up too 4 lore lines

You can have as many shards as you want


/setshardinv {Type Name Set From Config}

/giveshard {Type Name Set From Config}

/seeshardinfo {Type Name Set From Config}

More Help

For More Help Join My Discord

Or dm me on discord at IcyEndymion004#3547

Our Github link

Our Github well have alot faster help and better

Stolen Plugin?

Answer: No The Plugin is not stolen

If You Think This plugin is stolen From the author Sinkerz Please Read My Github Page as it has all the info you would need there to know Thank you

What's new §

Fixed the seeshard bug
Needs fix

Added The 0.0.9 Changes and ifera Changes

Added New Command seeshardinfo

Added Better Config for the gui

Added Better Anti command breaks with some checks

Added Messages to be able to be configable

Changed Version cus it is funny

Added a profile pic

using v0.0.6
23 Aug 21
Nice Working
Thank you very much
using v0.0.5
19 Aug 21
gg :)
using v0.0.5
19 Aug 21
Just a bit pvp based
Yea Kinda but I have used the code in this for some cool things
using v0.0.4
18 Aug 21
Thx Heisen (Big fan btw xD)

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