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OK, Don't show this again

Don't worry about my mental health. This is just meme food
version 1.0.5
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Pregnant Alex Yes no, i am fine. Sorry if this is weird or disturbing to you

Everyone who joins with an "Alex" skin, or switches to one of those, will become "pregnant"..


Mojang isPregnant in Player data

Mojang saves every possible property in any entity, even player. So it happens that player save data contains the IsPregnant data flag. I decided to make some kind of a meme out of that.

Actually, the mechanic behind that system is quite interesting. If you'd like, check out where i actually made practical use out of the "wearable geometry" concept created in this plugin.

Information about the messages

When a player is set as pregnant, the addPlayer function sends a message to the player. The sent message contains one random word from this video: (Thanks to @Sandertv for the idea and that guy who made an alphabetically ordered list in the video's comment section!)


You can set the data flag to turn a player pregnant (or not pregnant anymore) like this:

/** @var Player $player */
if (Loader::isPregnant($event->getPlayer()))

Do not forget to import Loader.

When you set the data flag to false, the entity will automatically be removed

using v1.0.5
10 Mar 20
Dude. Lets Sleep HAHAHA
using v1.0.5
29 Feb 20
Great and funny plugin lmao. I have a suggestion for an idea: Make it so that when an Alex Skin sleeps next to a player, they become *ahem*
01 Mar 20
This idea we also had on Discord, combined with ServerLoveMCBE it should be fun :P
using v1.0.5
28 Feb 20
wtf xd
01 Mar 20
I know right :P

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