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Adds the Jukebox and Records to pmmp !
version 1.0.1
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Plugin Description §


JukeBox plugin adds both the jukebox and records into PocketMine 3.0.0+

please read the IMPORTANT section (self explanatory i hope)

This plugin is aimed to be fully customised, More options in config will come !

Pull Requests and feature requests are more then welcome on github !


For this plugin to function as intended, all mobile device users must download the 'Music' DLC free from the store in game (It is a one time download). (Please do not make issues saying there's no sound, there is but you have to have the dlc) OR Have a server resource pack that contains the record sounds.

Known Bugs:

  • None

Glitches/Bugs and questions:

If you find any glitches or bugs feel free to open a issue on the github, HOWEVER if you do not follow the issue guidelines your issue will be closed immediately.

using v1.0.1
16 Apr 20
Amazing plugin!
using v1.0.1
13 Apr 19
Nice Plugin! Now i can fianally dance on my server xD
15 Apr 19
Thanks, *Thumbs up*
using v1.0.1
25 Mar 19
I know that you can't fix the IMPORTANT, because its in signel player like that to, but otherwise it is good!
25 Mar 19
Its there so people dont miss it and then spam me :/ But thanks for the rating :)

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Other Requirement [MUST - Mobile Devices] Either have a resource pack containing all record sounds, OR have all clients download the 'Music' DLC from mcpe store without these sound will not be heard on mobile devices
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    • @DragonBlitz10
    • @kevinishawesome
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