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A kill tracking plugin for PocketMine-MP
version 0.1.1
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Plugin Description §


A Plugin for PocketMine-MP, aiming to give a better and more fun PvP experience.

Another plugin that keeps track of kills?! There are already plenty! Why would I choose this plugin above other plugins like KillRate, that provider me with the same kind of features?


KillCounter has a more advanced kill tracking system than other kill tracking plugins on several points.

  • [x] Kill tracking when the actual damage cause was not a player, but something else, using the last player attacker.
  • [x] Lots of configuration allowing you to modify the plugin in whichever way you want, such as point amounts.
  • [x] Economy support, requiring the Economizer library by @Chris-Prime.
  • [x] Killing sprees, which will give you increasingly higher points for each kills, and shut downs.
  • [x] Assists feature, giving points to every player that assisted in killing a player.
  • [x] Custom PvP achievements, which can be created in the configuration.

KillCounter uses two commands. These are:

/stats [player]: to see the kill stats (of a player)
/statstop [limit]: to see the top stats, up to a limit of 20 entries.

... I'm convinced. How do I download this?


It is mostly recommended to use released versions of the plugin, which can be found in the released version on Poggit. (once there is one)
If you do decide you want the latest version of the plugin, it is recommended you fetch a pre-compiled phar file from Poggit-CI, which can be found below.



I found an issue in the plugin which I would like to be fixed quickly! What do I do?

It's very much appreciated you report any bugs found in the plugin in the Issues tab from the repository in GitHub. Issues can be easily managed here.

I want something to be added to the plugin. Where can I ask if this can be made?

This too is most easily managed in the Issues tab. Not every feature is guaranteed to be added, but everything will be taken in consideration.

KillCounter is currently in PRE-RELEASE state. It is not 100% bug free, nor is the code base very fancy. This will be taken care of in the first official release.

What's new §

Adds an icon to Poggit.

using v0.1.1
20 Aug 21
looks amazing but almost definitely doesn't work - please update
using v0.1.1
29 Aug 20

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