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A PocketMine-MP plugin that allows you to give your players the opportunity to earn money by killing other players
version 2.1.2
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Plugin Description §


KillMoney is the next-generation kill reward plugin for PocketMine servers. v2 comes to be a complete rewrite of the previous release providing better precision, implementing boosts and new money calculation ways.


  • Give money to the player when they have fairly killed another player. A fair kill stands for the one that took the most damage in an attack round and not the last cause of damage like plugins usually measure. This can result in the kill not being logged i.e if an effect killed you (as simple because the last damage cause wasn't sourced by a player)
  • Make boosts/multipliers assignable to players via permissions (consider using a permission manager, such as: PurePerms, Hierarchy, etc.)
  • Realistic mode: A new feature to disable false money circulation in your server and prevent players to farm kills.
  • Ability to choose whether to compute the reward based off a % of the victim's money or a fixed amount of money of your choice.
  • Configure KillMoney to work in specific worlds.
  • Configurable messages.


Got an issue running a plugin? Submit an issue and I'll be happy to help. Make sure it is not a duplicate by checking the Issue Tracker and following the issue template or it will be instantly closed.

There are some cases where your issue will be closed without prior explanation:

  • The issue does not follow the issue template or is incomplete.
  • The issue is irrelevant to KillMoney.
  • The issue ocurrs in a non-official PocketMine installation (spoons).

Contact Info

If you ever require of me or just want to talk head over to my website and contact me through any of social media. I'm mostly active in Discord.

How can I follow along/contribute?

Contributions and donations are greatly appreciated. If you like this plugin, don't forget to give me a hand!


kenygamer/KillMoney is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3 (GPL-3).

What's new §
  • Add [calculation][value] range support, add PlayerKillEvent for developers
  • Fix crash when the killer leaves the server
  • Support damage by arrows and snowballs
  • Fix killer doesn't add money but the one killed gets the money

using v2.1.2
11 May 20
using v2.1.1
27 Apr 20
nice, but add an option were u get a random amount of money between 2 numbers e.x. 1000-10000
11 May 20
Check v2.1.2!
using v2.1.1
27 Apr 20
Fascinating! love it
using v2.1.0
09 Apr 20
Nice job :)

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EconomyAPI 5.7.2
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