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The classic and fully customizable minigame fun to play for PocketMine-MP.
version 1.6.1-beta
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Plugin Description §

The classic and fully customizable minigame fun to play for PocketMine-MP.

Poggit Release GitHub tag (latest release) Discord Ko-Fi


  • Easy to setup
  • Customizable scoretag for the players
  • Arena map loading when starting the plugin
  • Ingame sounds, to make the gameplay alive
  • API to fully customize the game
  • Customize the game settings (in-game or in the config file)

How to setup & play

The plugin itself it's easy to setup. Follow the steps:

  • Install the plugin
  • Change the config values as you like
  • Go to your server and type /kbffa
  • Enjoy ;)

Commands and Permissions


  • kbffa (or knock) -> The minigame command
    • join -> Makes the player join the minigame
    • leave -> Makes the player leave the minigame
    • kills -> Check the kills of a player (can be used in console too)
    • settings -> Customize the minigame settings directly in-game


  • knockbackffa.customize -> Customize the minigame settings


Why the plugin won't work fine on X fork of PocketMine?

Why are you even using a PocketMine fork?

Developers and API

The documentation is in my GitHub Wiki: it explains how to use the API to check some settings or to get the kills and the last damager, how to edit some in-game settings and even how to listen for the plugin events.

What's new §

This is just a hotfix release that mostly fixes crashes regarding on players joining the game while the plugin was activated, it's been fixed now.


  • Server could crash if a player left the server
  • Some settings did not apply when using the /knock settings command
  • Many others not explained here (it's a huge list)


  • Added the new double jump (still experimental, so don't expect much from it)
  • Added the PlayerDoubleJumpEvent. It is cancellable ;)
  • Added PM4 support, finally
  • Updated to protocol 448 (version 1.17.10)
  • Added support for 1.17.0 (protocol version 440)
  • Fixed a bug where the server may crash when the player joins the minigame
  • PlayerKitEvent and SettingsChangeEvent are now cancellable
  • Added functions to get the damager and the target in some events
  • Enjoy the new items: the bow, the snowball and the leap that will help the game to be more fun to play. The leap will have a cooldown of 10 seconds for now, then, in the next updates, it will be customizable.
  • Rewrote the listener to make them separate
  • Rewrote the whole API and added events! This will allow server owners to customize the game a lot (check the GitHub Wiki of the project for more info about using the API and the events). Expect more functions in events for the next update.
  • Added more settings both in-game and in the configuration file
  • Removed the world handler since it's useless
  • In-game settings! Change the minigame settings by typing /kbffa settings
  • Now the leave subcommand will teleport the players to a specified world in the configuration file
  • Fixed many bugs where players' killstreak still didn't got reset
  • Using Commando as a command framework for the plugin
  • Support for 1.16.220 (protocol version 431)
  • Added the mcpe-protocol to our plugin.yml to prevent issues on other versions when PocketMine-MP is being updated for other versions
  • Added the leave subcommand, that allows the player to leave the game and go to the world he joined from

using v1.5.4-beta
11 Jun 22
using v1.5.4-beta
10 Jun 22
using v1.5.2-beta
14 Aug 21
Good plugin I recommend that you can put a bow with push and snowballs to make shooting enemies more difficult
using v1.5.2-beta
28 Jul 21
Where can I suggest a plugin to you?
using v1.5.1-beta
15 Jul 21
good plugin (version not compatible)
using v1.5.1-beta
14 Jul 21
Was amazing while it was working - outdated now ): Please fix I love this plugin and my server relies on it practically it's everyones favourite game..
using v1.5-beta
11 May 21
using v1.2-beta
11 Apr 21
This is a nice plugin. But i dunno how to leave
11 Apr 21
Gonna add that. For now you can use an external plugin to transfer yourself to another world. Thanks for the stars by the way :D
using v1.2-beta
27 Mar 21
Great Plugin. I'm already using since it's on Dev Builds Page.
27 Mar 21
Thanks for using our plugin. Soon we'll add more features on it. Since the plugin is on the Releases page people started downloading it.

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Producers §
  • Collaborators:
    • @ItzLightyHD
    • @Kuuuuuuuu
  • Contributors:
    • @LanternServer
    • @niziebi
License §

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