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Eat and heal a player instantly!
version 1.2.0
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Plugin Description §



A PocketMine-MP plugin that can heal and feed yourself or other players. EconomyAPI is supported for paid heals and feeds.


  • EconomyAPI support for paid heals and feeds
  • Customizable heal or feed amount (points)
  • Heal or feed another player
  • Offline player detection
  • Full or healthy detection (so you won't waste money!)
  • Customizable heal and feed cooldown
  • Custom prefix for messages and logs
  • Command description can be changed
  • Supports command aliases
  • Automatic plugin updates checker
  • Automatic configuration files reloading
  • Automatic configuration file updater

How to Install

  1. Download the latest version (It is recommended to always download the latest version for the best experience, except you're having compatibility issues).
  2. Place the KygekEatHeal.phar file into the plugins folder.
  3. Restart or start your server.
  4. Done!

Commands & Permissions

Command Default Description Permission Default
/eat Eat or feed a player true
/heal Heal yourself or a player kygekeatheal.heal true

Permission kygekeatheal can be used to allow all commands (Default is true).

Command description can be changed in config.yml. You can also add command aliases in config.yml.

Use -{COMMAND-PERMISSION} to blacklist the command permissions to groups/users in PurePerms (e.g.

Upcoming Features

  • Customizable messages
  • And much more...

Additional Notes

KygekEatHeal plugin is made by KygekTeam and licensed under GPL-3.0.

  • Join our Discord server here for latest updates from KygekTeam.
  • If you found bugs or want to give suggestions, please visit here or join our Discord server.
  • We accept all contributions! If you want to contribute please make a pull request in here.
What's new §
  • Now message prefix can be changed in config.yml
  • Rewrite configuration file
    • Default price for eat and heal has been set to 0

After updating, your old config will be saved as config_old.yml.

  • Changed virion from UpdateNotifier to ktpmpl-cfs in .poggit.yml
  • Added cooldown features for feeding and healing
  • Now feeded or healed player won't get paid if other player or console feeds or heals the player
  • Now player won't get paid if price in config set to 0, even if paid nothing

After updating, your old config will be saved as config_old.yml

using v1.0.0
28 Dec 20

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