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Shows information about available ranks in the server
version 1.1.0
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Plugin Description §



A PocketMine-MP plugin that shows information about ranks in the server. You can provide ranks features, prices and contact details. This is a plugin that showcases ranks that can be purchased via staffs/websites. This is not a plugin for setting up purchaseable ranks using in-game money.


  • Unlimited ranks lists
  • Missing config file detection
  • Config file can be reset
  • Show player name ({player})
  • Supports & as formatting codes
  • Supports images beside ranks buttons
  • Change command description to suit your server
  • Supports command aliases

How to Install

  1. Download the latest version (It is recommended to always download the latest version for the best experience, except you're having compatibility issues).
  2. Place the KygekRanksUI.phar file into the plugins folder.
  3. Restart the server.
  4. Done!

Commands & Permissions

Command Default Description Permission Default
/ranks Information about ranks in the server kygekranksui.ranks true

Command description can be changed in config.yml. You can also add command aliases in config.yml.

Use -kygekranksui.ranks to blacklist the /ranks command permission to groups/users in PurePerms.

Upcoming Features

  • Able to enable/disable ranks form to go back to main form when pressing the X button in config.yml
  • Automatic update checker
  • And much more

Additional Notes

  • Join the Discord here for latest updates from Kygekraqmak.
  • If you found bugs or want to give suggestions, please visit here or DM KygekDev#6415 via Discord.
  • We accept any contributions! If you want to contribute please make a pull request in here.
What's new §
  • Now you can put images beside the ranks button in the main form (Links only, this feature will be improved in future versions)
  • Now you can add command alias(es)
  • Now you can change the command description
  • Changed no permission message
  • Updated config file due to new features

After updating, your old config will be saved as config_old.yml

using v1.1.0
14 Sep 20
umm Good Can You Make CustomCommandUI Plugin Not So For Example We Press That Button Then Will Use That Command And Else Can Not?
15 Sep 20
Please contact KygekDev#6415 on Discord for more information.
using v1.0.0
08 Sep 20
nice Plugin you make dude.i hope you can make SkyBlock Plugin
08 Sep 20
Thanks for the review.
using v1.0.0
07 Sep 20
Thx for plugins ! Nice man 😘
07 Sep 20
Your welcome.
using v1.0.0
07 Sep 20
At the moment it is a very good plugin to inform players of the available ranks. Great job
07 Sep 20
Thanks for the review.
using v1.0.0
06 Sep 20
Cool plugin, been looking for one like this for AGES
08 Sep 20
Thanks for the review.

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    • @aminozomty
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