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Kicks not whitelisted players when server whitelist turned on
version 2.2.0
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Plugin Description §


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📖 About

This plugin will kick players that are not OP or whitelisted in white-list.txt when server whitelist turned on (/whitelist on). This plugin will be useful if you often need to whitelist your server and you want all not whitelisted players to be kicked automatically. You can change the kick reason and to enable/disable kick via command or config.

🧩 Features

  • Kicks not whitelisted players automatically
  • Config file can be reset
  • Supports & as formatting codes
  • Enable or disable plugin with command
  • Kick reason can be changed using command
  • Command and form mode
  • Automatic plugin update checker on server startup
  • Missing configuration file detection

⬇️ Installation

  1. Download the latest version (It is recommended to always download the latest version for the best experience, except you're having compatibility issues).
  2. Place the KygekWhitelistKick.phar file into the plugins folder.
  3. Restart the server.
  4. Done!

📜 Commands & Permissions

Note: KygekWhitelistKick uses commands by default. To switch to form mode, set mode in config.yml to form. After switching, execute /whitelistkick to open KygekWhitelistKick form.

Command Description Permission Default
/whitelistkick help Display KygekWhitelistKick subcommands op
/whitelistkick off Disable automatic kick on whitelist enabled op
/whitelistkick on Enable automatic kick on whitelist enabled kygekwhitelistkick.cmd.on op
/whitelistkick set Change whitelist kick reason kygekwhitelistkick.cmd.set op

💡 Tips:

  • Use kygekwhitelistkick.cmd to give players permission to all subcommands. Typing /whitelistkick without args or args other than above will show KygekWhitelistKick help (Player needs to have permission).
  • Command alias: /wlkick
  • Use - before each permission to blacklist the command(s) permission to groups/users in PurePerms (e.g. adding -kygekwhitelistkick.cmd.set will blacklist the /whitelistkick set command to groups/users).

🚢 Other Versions

⚖️ License

Licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0 license.

What's new §
  • Updates for PM5
  • Now supports PM4!
  • Dropped support for PM3
    • Use version 1.x.y for PM3 support
  • Added KygekTeam as an author
  • Now using FormsUI instead of FormAPI
  • Changed virion from UpdateNotifier to ktpmpl-cfs in .poggit.yml
  • Added a warning if the plugin is in a development version on startup
    • Version releases on Poggit have this feature disabled by default
  • Added form mode (set mode to form in config.yml to enable form mode)

After updating, your old config will be saved as config_old.yml.

  • Added missing configuration file detection
  • Now subcommands on /wlkick help will only get displayed if the sender has permission to use the subcommands
  • Code cleanup

There is no changes in configuration file.

  • Now the plugin checks for updates on server startup by default

After updating, your old config will be saved as config_old.yml

using v1.3.0
11 Oct 21
06 Dec 21
Thank you for the review
using v1.3.0
22 Dec 20
using v1.2.0
12 Dec 20
Thankss This is the best plugin , btw can u make plugin EasyGamemode ,/gmc=gamemode creative,/gms=gamemode survival,/gmsp=gamemode spectator,/gma=gamemode adventure
27 Jul 21
I've made such plugin. Please see the KygekTeam GitHub profile.

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  • Collaborators:
    • @KygekDev
    • @Kygekraqmak
  • Contributors:
    • @NhanAZ
    • @tobydev27
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