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Create your own commands
version 1.1.0
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Plugin Description §

LessIsMore lets you create custom informational commands. This is like /rules plugins, but you can do a lot more:

  • Multiple commands with any name and description
  • If the command has too many lines of output, they will be separated into different pages
  • You can change the lines-per-page for each command, or different lines per page (using the "line break" command, see the /more command in the example config)

How to setup this plugin? Install it in your server, start the server once, and a config.yml will be created in the plugin_data/LessIsMore/ (plugins/LessIsMore/ for old users) folder. There will be examples for different ways of adding commands in the file.

Have fun making commands just for your own server!

What's new §
  • Added ModalForm support

Fallback prefix changed to lessismore

  • API bump for 3.0.0
  • 3.0.0-ALPHA12 support

using v1.1.0
13 Apr 19
I'm really confused... I don't know how to create a command :( I really need help ;>
using v1.0.1-alpha12
14 Apr 18
Awesome! This plugin works completely!
using v1.0.0
22 Feb 18
Working I created my own commands no problems found
using v1.0.0
15 Feb 18
is not so good

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License §

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