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A PocketMine-MP plugin to limit the build height on your server.
version 1.6
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Plugin Description §


LimitHeight is a simple plugin that let you limit the build height on your server.

EvolSoft Website:

Configuration (config.yml)

#Height limit (by default ops have limitheight.bypass permission set and they can bypass the limit)
height-limit: 64
#Show message on limit reached
show-message: true
#Show plugin prefix on message
show-prefix: true
message: "&cYou can't build over the height of {LIMIT} blocks!"
#World list where limit is disabled
#For example:
# - world
# - world2
disabled-in-worlds: []


  • limitheight.* - LimitHeight permissions tree.
  • limitheight.bypass - Let players bypass the height limit.


Please support the development of this plugin with a small donation by clicking 💵 here. Your small donation will help me paying web hosting, domains, buying programs (such as IDEs, debuggers, etc...) and new hardware to improve software development. Thank you 😄

What's new §
  • Updated to PocketMine-MP API 3.0.0

using v1.2
22 Feb 18
works well, very usefull for basic per world settings. Would be great if bypass could be managed ingame.

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Producers §
  • Collaborators:
    • @Flavius12
License §
Admin Tools
Anti-Griefing Tools
World Editing and Management
Manage worlds
Manage blocks/items

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