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A PocketMine-MP plugin to limit the build height on your server.
version 1.6
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Plugin Description §


LimitHeight is a simple plugin that let you limit the build height on your server.

EvolSoft Website:

Configuration (config.yml)

#Height limit (by default ops have limitheight.bypass permission set and they can bypass the limit)
height-limit: 64
#Show message on limit reached
show-message: true
#Show plugin prefix on message
show-prefix: true
message: "&cYou can't build over the height of {LIMIT} blocks!"
#World list where limit is disabled
#For example:
# - world
# - world2
disabled-in-worlds: []


  • limitheight.* - LimitHeight permissions tree.
  • limitheight.bypass - Let players bypass the height limit.


Please support the development of this plugin with a small donation by clicking 💵 here. Your small donation will help me paying web hosting, domains, buying programs (such as IDEs, debuggers, etc...) and new hardware to improve software development. Thank you 😄

What's new §
  • Updated to PocketMine-MP API 3.0.0

using v1.6
08 Mar 19
Can you build over the height of 256 with this plugin?
using v1.2
22 Feb 18
works well, very usefull for basic per world settings. Would be great if bypass could be managed ingame.

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Producers §
  • Collaborators:
    • @Flavius12
License §
Admin Tools
Anti-Griefing Tools
World Editing and Management
Manage worlds
Manage blocks/items

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