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Load all your worlds with this plugin!
version 1.1.2
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This is a plugin that adds commands to load worlds, and can be configured to load worlds on startup.

If you want to load worlds at startup, set "load-worlds" "true" in the config.yml. If you want to load worlds using a command, use /loadworlds. This will load all worlds, except the worlds that are excluded. If you want to load all worlds using a command (including the ones that are normally excluded), use /loadallworlds.

You can exclude worlds from loading at startup or from loading with /loadworlds, using the config.yml.

If you want that all the worlds load at startup, Click Here for the explanation!

If you are not using all worlds that you have at the same time, it is wise to use this plugin to save memory.

But you can choose yourself!

This is an easy plugin but very useful!

Go to my Discussions tab if you have any ideas or problems with my plugin.

Please leave a review, So I can see if you like the plugin!

This is an easy plugin but very useful!


Use 1 of these following commands to load all the worlds in the server!




Use this command to load all worlds except the ones that are excluded in the config.yml



The permission to use the command:




If you only use 1 world, This plugin is not necessary


At the moment there is nothing on the ToDo list!


At the moment there are no problems!

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Name: LoadAllWorlds

Author: koningcool

Version: 1.1.2

Poggit Builds: If you want to see al the builds click Here (NOT AL THE BUILDS ARE STABLE!!!)

For my GitHub click Here

For installation info go to the Wiki

What's new §
  • Deleted discord badges in description
  • Added github discussion in description
  • Deleted redundant line in Main.php
  • Fix for overwriting of config.yml at server restart
  • Optimise type casting
  • Update to version 1.1.1
  • Added an option to exclude worlds from loading at startup (using config.yml)
  • Added an option to exclude worlds from loading using /loadworlds (using config.yml)
  • Old config.yml files will automatically be converted to the new format
  • Added debug mode
  • General code improvements
  • Added message if you load all the worlds at startup up or with a command!
  • Implemented config.yml with the choice to load all the worlds on startup
  • First plugin release!!

using v1.1.2
29 Jul 21
Still having the problem listed below, config resets so I cannot enable loadallworlds on startup. Would be better just to enable that feature by default
using v1.1.0
14 Sep 20
Version 1.1.0 will reset the config every time server starts.
27 Sep 20
Version 1.1.1 contains a bugfix for this. It should work after you update.
27 Sep 20
Thanks for your review! We will fix the bug as fast as we can!
using v1.0.1
21 Aug 20
24 Aug 20
No Problem!
using v1.0.1
10 Jul 20
Very useful, esspecially when you suddenly spawn in the ground when you have a sky spawn! Love it!
02 Sep 20
Thanks! There is coming a new update soon with new features! For example you can exclude worlds in the config.yml! (edit: The version is out now!)
using v1.0.1
03 Jul 20
The Plugin works perfectly Thankyou so much!
08 Jul 20
using v1.0.0
21 May 20
nice good for warps
22 May 20

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