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A PocketMine-MP Plugin that allows you to have lobby items and execute a specific command
version 2.0.1
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Plugin Description §

LobbyItems developed by: KressentHosting


This plugin allows you to have items for your lobby when a player joins and they recieve items you wish to give them and in the specific slot while that executes any commands you want.


  • It simply provides lobby items once a player joins the server

Planned features

I don't have any planned features or ideas for the plugin.

Have other suggestions? Let me know in the Support Discord or Create an Issue about your suggestion!

Commands & Permissions

There are no commands or permissions for the plugin


  1. Proceed to plugin_data/LobbyItems and then config.yml and it will provide the steps to configure the plugin.


You found a bug or a plugin issue?

  • Contact support in the Discord Server

  • Create an Issue

  • Write your bug & the issue you are having with all informations including the error so I can track the issue

  • Submit the issue and be patient for a response for a solution to your problem

If you are using a modified Pocketmine-MP build/version you will not get assisted.


Have a suggestion?

Feel free to contact me in the Support Discord Server and suggest the suggestion you have in mind for this plugin! No Pocketmine-MP Spoons support! If you are using a modified Pocketmine-MP build/version you will not get assisted.

What's new §
  • v2.0.1
  • Attempt to fix #2
  • Updated to API 4.0.0
  • Version 1.0.1 is now out
  • Added item drop option/support
  • Implemented CheckUpdateTask for any new version releases
  • Implemented license notice

using v2.0.1
16 Jun 22
Can you add support for MultiWorld? it would be quite interesting
using v2.0.1
06 Jan 22
Nice plugin! It works nice! But for the commands please add a {Name} or whatever so it can do it for the player name. Anyways GREAT PLUGIN, Can't wait for future updates!
using v2.0.0
20 Dec 21
Not as good as Hotbar, but its the only hotbar plugin I can find
using v1.0.1
20 Sep 21
It would be great if it was compatible with PerWorldPlayer, since it does not allow items to appear Clarification: I give it 3 stars because I rate it that way, the fact that it is not compatible with PerWorldPlayer has nothing to do with my review.
using v1.0.1
29 Aug 21
hey wanna send me a discord dm so we can talk
using v1.0.1
29 Aug 21
Please. For the love of Jesus Christ himself. Re-Code this. The code is so un-bearably awful that I puked 8 times whilst reading it. I am going to have to go through physical and mental therapy because of the pure awfulness of this plugin.
using v1.0.0
11 Aug 21

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Producers §
  • Collaborators:
    • @Vecnavium
License §
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