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Lock your stuff like never before!
version 1.1.0
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Plugin Description §


This plugin let's you lock your trapdoors, doors and chests

How to use this plugin?

  • Place an iron door and execute the command /lock , then you will have to touch the door you wanted to lock.
  • If you want to unlock a door you will have to execute /unlock and then touch the door. You can also use /unlock so you don't have to touch the door.
  • Doors can only be unlocked by people with OP. This plugin was made for roleplay purposes, so a normal player will not be able to /unlock a door. The play can however open a door with a key or break the door if the player has the key.


Command Description Permission
* Access to all commands lms
/lockedinfo Shows information about a locked block lms.lockedinfo
/unlock [name] Unlocks a block completely (anyone can open and close it without key) lms.unlock
/lock Locks a block and gives you a key to interact with the locked block lms.lock
/makekey Makes a key for an existing locked block lms.makekey


Permission Description Default
lms Access to all commands OP
lms.bypass With this permission the player can open every locked door OP
lms.unlock Allows the user to use the /unlock command OP
lms.lock Allows the user to use the /lock command OP
lms.makekey Allows the user to use the /makekey command OP
lms.break Allows the user to break a locked door OP
lms.lockedinfo Allows the user to use the /lockedinfo command OP

You will have to give the player the correct permissions so they will be able to lock doors.


OP's can open every door by default.

Suggestions or need help?

Please open an issue on Github with your suggestion/question.

What's new §

Changed a permission

lms.lockedinfo changed to OP-only

Fixed a bugg

Fixed a bugg where you couldn't lock a door if you haven't previously locked one.


  • Added support for trapdoor
  • All doors will work now
  • Create LICENSE
  • Double chests are now supported!
  • Fixed an issue where locking a chest wouldn't work
  • New permission
    • Now you can give the player the "lms" permission. The lms permission wil grant the player all the available commands for this plugin.
  • Renamed some methods/comments
    • Next update will contain a new "Door" class
  • removed spoondetector
  • removed the isLocked() method
  • You can now edit all the messages that are sent by the plugin.
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't use /lockedinfo
  • You can now edit the key item
  • When you hit a door you will not see the name anymore. Please use /lockedinfo to see the name of the locked item.
  • Fixed stome typo's
Supported API versions
License §

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