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A Lucky Block plugin
version 0.0.3
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Plugin Description §


LuckyBlock is a free plugin for PMMP in PHP.
This new update add support of PiggyCustomEnchants and fix little bug.
The plugins can depends of EconomyAPI and PiggyCustomEnchants


To install the plugin download the .phar.
Now place it in your plugins folder and start the server and stop it.
Go to your plugins_data folder and in the LuckyBlock folder read the config.yml edit it and start your server!

Usage Config

To choose a drop you have to select one type of them:

  • items (2 arguments) :
    • iditems (Item's id)
    • amountItems (Item's amount)
  • block (1 argument) :
    • idBlocks (Block's id)
  • money (1 argument) NEED ECONOMYAPI:
    • moneyToAdd (the amount of money that the player will receive)
    • amountItems (Item's amount)
  • commands (2 arguments) :
    • command (The command to execute without "/")
    • executor (The command have to be executed by who (console or player))
  • enchant (4 arguments) NEED PIGGYCUSTOMENCHANTS:
    • iditems (Item's id)
    • amountItems (Item's amount)
    • enchantName (The id or the name of the enchant to give)
    • enchantLevel (the enchant's level)
  • null (no gain)

Any Suggestion or Future update

Feel free to open an issue. Feel free to drop a review

What's new §
  • Fixing bugs
  • Added PiggyCustom support

using v0.0.2
02 Dec 18
Good plugin

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Supported API versions
EconomyAPI 5.7.2
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PiggyCustomEnchants 1.4.2
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License §
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