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Connect your PocketMine server to output to a Discord channel using a WebHook
version 1.0.10
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Plugin Description §


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Connect your Minecraft PocketMine server chat and console to a Discord channel.

  • Outputs player chat and commands to a Discord channel
  • Option to output the console to the same Discord channel

Getting Started

It's is easy to get going...

  1. Download the latest release and place it in your plugins folder
  2. Restart your Minecraft server. This will create a MCPEDiscordRelay folder containing the config.yml file in your plugins folder
  3. Open your Discord server and create or open a chat channel
  4. Click on the settings icon beside your chat channel name
  5. Click Webhooks and New
  6. Click "Copy" under the Webhook URL
  7. In the config.yml file, paste the Webhook URL in the discord_webhook_url option
  8. Restart your Minecraft server

You should now see your server outputting to your Discord channel.

Getting help

If you think you have found a problem, or would like to see a feature, please open an issue.

Features for the next release can be found in the next release TODO issue.

If you are a coder, feel free to create a pull request, but please be detailed about your changes!

Detailed configuration

  • enabled (true|false) - If the plugin is to be loaded or not
  • discord_webhook_url (string) - The Discord Webhook URL to use when connecting to Discord
  • discord_webhook_name (string) - The username the plugin uses in Discord
  • discord_webhook_refresh (number) - The amount of seconds to wait before updating Discord. Setting this number too low may cause Discord to take spam action
  • discord_webhook_override (true|false) - The plugin verifies the Discord Webhook URL against its own internal checks. If the plugin thinks your Webhook URL is wrong, it will disable itself. If you know better, set this to true to override the check
  • send_console (true|false) - The default is to just send player chat and commands to Discord. If you would like to also send the servers console, set this to true
  • show_player_events (true|false) - Send when a player joins/leaves the server to Discord

Discord Embed options

The following discord webhook embeds are not used by the official discord clients, but maybe used by others. These options maybe removed in the future when removed from the Discord API as they short be considered deprecated.

  • discord_webhook_title (string) - The embed title string to send to Discord
  • discord_webhook_description (string) - The embed description string to send to Discord
  • discord_webhook_color (hex color|number) - The embed color to send to Discord. Hex colors must start with a hashtag
  • discord_webhook_footer (string) - The embed footer to send to Discord

Known Issues

This plugin will not work on servers hosted on specific devices that do not have 'cURL' installed (eg android phone).

Final mention

  • Based off the plugins MCPEToDiscord by JaxkDev and DiscordMCPE by NiekertDev
What's new §
  • PHP 8.0 fix
  • Update to support new Discord Webhook prefix
  • Added support for disabling pings
  • Now removes formatting codes before sending to discord
  • Added player join/leave messages
  • Fixed server crash in some configurations
  • Added discord_webhook_override option
  • Added options to use Discord embed feature set #3

using v1.0.10
15 May 22
Good plugin, update to api 4.0.0 pls
using v1.0.10
07 Mar 22
update to 4.2.2 asap :/
using v1.0.10
02 Feb 22
great plugin! Do you plan on updating it to pm4?
using v1.0.9
19 May 21
Very good plugin, very easy to configure and does its job.
using v1.0.8
31 Jul 20
This plugin is great. However, I would like to be able to set it so that privacy-related commands such as tell are not logged😁
using v1.0.7
29 Jun 20
Help it doesn’t work ! Give me ur discord
07 Jul 20
Please submit issues through the GitHub issue tracker -
using v1.0.7
10 Jun 20
I am trying to install this plugin on an aternos server but when I search for it nothing comes up! What do I do?
12 Jun 20
You will need to create a plugin addition suggestion over on their forums
using v1.0.5
14 May 20
works but please add away to talk from discord to ingame
30 May 20
Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately that is not an option with the way the plugin talks to Discord and would require a full rewrite of the code.

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Other Requirement Discord WebHook URL required to be set in config.yml
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  • Collaborators:
    • @JaxkDev
    • @NiekertDev
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