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Connect your PocketMine server to output to a Discord channel using a WebHook
version 1.0.5
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Plugin Description §


Connect your PocketMine server to output to a Discord channel using a WebHook. Based on the archived plugin MCPEToDiscord by JaxkDev and DiscordMCPE by NiekertDev

Version: 1.0.5

Author: Nomadjimbob ([email protected])

Source: (


  • Relay PocketMine console to Discord
  • Includes chat and commands from players (even /talk)


config.yml options:

enabled: If the plugin is enabled or not

discord_webhook_url: Your discord webhook url

discord_webhook_name: The username the plugin uses in discord

send_console: Send console to Discord. If false, only sends player chat and commands

Making a Discord webhook:

  1. Open Discord
  2. Go to your server
  3. Make a new chat channel / Open one
  4. Click on the settings icon beside your chat channel name
  5. Click Webhooks => New
  6. Click "Copy" under Webhook URL
  7. Paste it in the config


As per the original plugin, this does not work on servers hosted on specific devices that do not have 'cURL' installed (eg android phone).

Change log

1.0.5 - Fixed permission issue

1.0.4 - Removed startup/shutdown messages

1.0.3 - Fixed namspace issue

1.0.2 - Fixed version command to report correct version. Added config option send_console

1.0.1 - Fixed bug with curl response error message missing in certain circumstances

1.0.0 - Inital Release

using v1.0.5
14 May 20
works but please add away to talk from discord to ingame
30 May 20
Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately that is not an option with the way the plugin talks to Discord and would require a full rewrite of the code.

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Other Requirement Discord WebHook URL required to be set in config.yml
Producers §
  • Collaborators:
    • @JaxkDev
    • @NiekertDev
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