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A plugin that allows mcpe to send data such as a player join or death event straight to a discord webhook
version 1.4
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Plugin Description §


Long overdue credit sorry guys.

NiekertDev - Check out the original DiscordMCPE plugin !


API: 3.0.0+

Author: Jackthehack21 ([email protected])

Version: 1.4

This plugin is aimed to be fully customised, send message to discord via a Webhook customise what gets sent and how its formatted, we also accept requests for modifications and new plugins !!

Feel free to create pull requests etc on our github

Notice: This does not work on servers hosted on mobile devices (eg android phone)


When you first run the server with the plugin enabled it will create a folder called 'MCPEToDiscord' inside there will be a 'config.yml' go into the file to customise the plugin to your design.

Note: You must put a webhook_url to find out how to get a webhook url follow this guide:

Dont worry about naming the webhook as the plugin re-names it from the name out in 'config.yml'

any further questions contact me.

Known Bugs:

  • No Bugs Whoop Whoop

Glitches/Bugs and questions:

If you find any glitches or bugs feel free to open a issue on the github, HOWEVER if you do not follow the issue guidelines your issue will be closed immediately.

What's new §
  • Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese are now split files !
  • Added PurePerms Support to add {group}
  • Added FactionsPro Support to add {faction} and {fac_rank} (DOES NOT WORK WITH FactionsProBeta)
  • Smashed all the bugs !
  • New commands
  • Adds support for Portuguese and french
  • Updates to API 3.0.0

New languages:

  • Spanish
  • Trad. Chinese
  • German

Added debug mode.
Removed colours on enable/disable
Removed true/false message on command use.

  • Released to poggit

using v1.4
07 Feb 19
Cool, can you add Support for it, that you have the console in discord? I woud like it realy!
17 Feb 19
Hi, in regards to discord two way (aka a bridge) there’s a great plugin in development currently you can find it over here ->
using v1.4
31 Dec 18
Can u be my dev
01 Jan 19
Not exactly the place to ask, this is reviews for the plug-in. Any other questions should be emailed to me or by discord
using v1.4
16 Aug 18
Is there anyway to have this on Android?? I did everything it said to do and I put a discord web hook in the config, and it even says it sent my message but doesn't appear on my discord sever...
16 Aug 18
This is known to happen on android, this is a problem with cURL as far as I know this will not work at all on android devices, I’m sorry but I don’t know a workaround. If you need to talk more please don’t hesitate to contact me ([email protected]) or open a issue on github !
using v1.4
10 Aug 18
nice plugin, gratz!
10 Aug 18
Thanks !
using v1.2.0
04 Jun 18
Deutsch/German:Nutze es jetzt auch Cooles Plugin
18 Jun 18
Danke, ich werde in der nächsten Version definitiv deutsche, spanische und italienische Unterstützung hinzufügen. Neues Update enthält Deutsch
using v1.2.0
03 Jun 18
Really easy to set up and works great 10/10!
09 Jun 18
Thank you for the comment and rating soon i hope to be releasing more features.

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Supported API versions
FactionsPro 1.3.12
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PurePerms 1.4.2-c2a
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Requirements & Enhancements
Other Requirement Webhook URL is needed to be set in config.yml
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