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Shuffle MOTD Upon MCPE Client Call.
version 1.1.6
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Plugin Description §


Gives a random MOTD shuffle, such as the Minecraft Featured Servers!

Due to the way the plugin "CustomAlerts" works, it does not allow MOTDShuffle to work. Please stop sending me issues saying it's not working. Disable "CustomAlerts" first then try again. Then decide which plugin you'd rather have. It's up to you, really!

Brief Info

Ever wanted a moving MOTD like the featured servers? Well now you can. With his simple Shuffling plugin. It is a configurable plugin. All you need to know is in config.yml.

You can also choose to have it in sequence too!

Commands and Permissions

No Permissions or Commands required. Simply Stop your server, edit the config.yml and start the server again.

What's new §
  • Update for pmmp 3.0.2
  • Updated to PMMP pull/2213
      • Updated to PMMP pull/2213
      • Fixing Poggit fudge-up with versioning. (#BlameSOFE. -_-)
      • Threw some lines out.
      • Sniffing some powdery substance
  • api update
    Still need to fix the versioning. This stupid " Semantic Versioning" is really annoying and restrictive.
  • Update plugin.yml
    Messed up the versioning... but I will fix that at some point
  • API Bump to 3.0.0-ALPHA10
  • Merge pull request #2 from 95CivicSi/3.0.0-ALPHA10
    • API Bump to 3.0.0-ALPHA10
  • Update v1.1.0
    • Change log:
      • Added Apache License (Which takes effect for versions 1.1.0+)
      • Added a "In order of insertion" for the MOTD.
      • A bit of comments XD

using v1.1.6
14 Jul 21
using v1.1.6
08 Feb 19
Works! Thank you. Any chance we would get the option to add an icon/logo? That'd be awesome if doable. Cheers!
11 Oct 19
I would if I could, but I can't so I won't.
using v1.1.6
22 Nov 18
Can you add color support please
11 Oct 19
Use ยง
using v1.1.6
10 Aug 18
Well improved
using v1.1.1
11 Feb 18
ItsMCB you can color the text yourself using the MOTD color code here -->
using v1.1.1
02 Jan 18
I would love to color the text, but besides that its awesome!
using v1.1.1
27 Dec 17
Would love to see tags implemented other than that it behaves the way it's supposed to, great work!
16 Feb 18
Tags? How do you mean?

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Producers §
  • Contributors:
    • @MichaelM04
License §

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