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Easily set spawns for each world.
version 2.2
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Plugin Description §


MSpawns let you set multiple spawns on your PocketMine-MP server.

EvolSoft Website:

MultiWorld Bugs (for eg. Invisible chunks...) aren't related to plugin or PocketMine but to Minecraft PE.

You can set a global spawn (hub/lobby) and a spawn for each world. You can also customize spawn settings, spawn messages... and you can also set aliases! (read documentation)


/mspawns - MSpawns commands (aliases: [ms])
/sethub - Set hub (aliases: [setlobby])
/delhub - Delete hub (aliases: [dellobby])
/hub - Teleport to hub (aliases: [lobby])
/setspawn - Set world spawn
/delspawn - Delete world spawn
/spawn - Teleport to world spawn
/setalias - Set alias
/delalias - Delete alias


# Available Tags for messages:
#  - {PLAYER}: Show current player name
#  - {PREFIX}: Show plugin prefix
#  - {WORLD}: Show current world name
# Show hub-message or spawn-message when a player joins
show-messages-onjoin: true
# Force teleportation to hub when a player joins
force-hub: false
# Show message when a player teleports to hub
enable-hub-message: true
# Force teleportation to spawn when a player joins (obviously if you enable force-hub, force-spawn won't work)
force-spawn: false
# Show message when a player teleports to spawn
enable-spawn-message: true
# Enable aliases usage
enable-aliases: true
# Teleport a player to the spawn/hub when they die
# 1 = Teleport to spawn 2 = Teleport to Hub
teleport-on-death: 1
# External hub server 
 # Enable external hub server
 enabled: false
 # Name of the hub server
 name: "External Server"
 # Hostname of the hub server
 # Port of the hub server (default 19132)
 port: 19132

Messages (messages.yml)

#Hub message
hub-message: "{PREFIX} &bWelcome to Hub, &a{PLAYER}"
#No hub message
no-hub: "{PREFIX} &cNo hub set"
#Spawn message
spawn-message: "{PREFIX} &bTeleported to &e{WORLD}&b Spawn"
#No spawn message
no-spawn: "{PREFIX} &cNo spawn found in this world"
#Invalid world
invalid-world: "{PREFIX} &cWorld not found"
#Spawn aliases disabled
aliases-disabled: "{PREFIX} &cSpawn aliases are disabled on this server"


With aliases you can create commands that teleport players.
You can manually edit them in aliases.yml file.
If you want to create an alias you must specify the name and the target world (remember that the target world must have a spawn set)
Example usage: Imagine that you have a world called "pvpworld" and you want to set an alias called "pvp".

  1. Set spawn in world "pvpworld" with /setspawn
  2. Do /setalias pvp pvpworld
    To use the alias you must simply do /pvp and you will be teleported to "pvpworld" spawn

Remember that you can use aliases only if you set to true the value of "enable-aliases" in config.yml


  • mspawns.* - MSpawns permissions tree.
  • - Let player read info about MSpawns.
  • mspawns.reload - Let player reload MSpawns.
  • mspawns.delhub - Let player delete hub.
  • mspawns.sethub - Let player set hub.
  • mspawns.hub - Let player teleport to hub.
  • mspawns.delalias - Let player delete alias.
  • mspawns.setalias - Let player set alias.
  • mspawns.delspawn - Let player delete world spawn.
  • mspawns.setspawn - Let player set world spawn.
  • mspawns.spawn - Let player teleport to world spawn.


Please support the development of this plugin with a small donation by clicking 💵 here. Your small donation will help me paying web hosting, domains, buying programs (such as IDEs, debuggers, etc...) and new hardware to improve software development. Thank you 😄

What's new §
  • Updated to PocketMine-MP API 3.0.0
  • API Bump
  • Updated to PocketMine-MP 1.7dev up to API 3.0.0 ALPHA10
  • Implemented external server lobby support
  • Implemented custom user-side messages
  • Implemented delalias, delspawn and delhub
  • Fixed some bugs

Bumped API

Initial version

using v2.2
21 Aug 20
It is ok, but everytime I die in the lobby/hub that was set to, I receive and error from game
using v2.2
28 Jul 20
Use the new one on github , it works
using v2.2
26 Jul 20
using v2.2
17 Jul 20
using v2.2
11 Jul 20
Great plugin, but can you make it so when you use /spawn or /hub, there is a cooldown before you are teleported.
using v2.2
07 Jul 20
please update this plugin i need this 😩
using v2.2
01 Jul 20
Useful but in new update, you can't even join. It does internal server error
using v2.2
01 Jul 20
Update IT please !
using v2.2
28 Jun 20
please fix when ever i do /hub i get iternal server error
using v2.2
17 Jun 20
Update please
using v2.2
16 Jun 20
Need update
using v2.2
15 Jun 20
Internal Server Error Fix Pls
using v2.2
15 Jun 20
Can you make an update where people can do /hub or /spawn in the same world the SPAWN or HUB was made because the player's get kicked for "INTERNAL SERVER ERROR" when doing /hub in the 'HUB'
using v2.2
02 Apr 20
Everything is good but how do I change the prefix?
using v2.2
19 Oct 19
Nothing to change. Good Plugin
using v2.2
06 Aug 19
using v2.2
08 Jan 19
using v2.2
10 Aug 18
using v2.1
29 Apr 18
amazing works great
using v2.1
27 Apr 18
Works fine! Good job

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Producers §
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