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Add crates to your server
version 1.1.0
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Plugin Description §


Add customizable crates to your server

  • Create and remove crates with a simple form
  • No Chest menu, but a beautiful animation instead when you open a crate
  • You can create infinity custom crate types
  • Add infinity items to your crate type with custom names, enchantments and lores
  • Add infinity commands that execute when a crate is opend
  • Open crates with keys
  • PiggyCustomEnchants support


Command alias: /mc

Command Description Permission
/magiccrates create Create a crate magiccrates.cmd.create
/magiccrates remove Remove a crate magiccrates.cmd.remove
/magiccrates makekey <crate_type> [amount] [player] Make a crate key magiccrates.cmd.makekey


Permission Description Default
magiccrates.cmd Access to the /magiccrates command OP
magiccrates.cmd.create Access to the /magiccrates create command OP
magiccrates.cmd.remove Access to the /magiccrates remove command OP
magiccrates.cmd.makekey Access to the /magiccrates makekey command OP
magiccrates.break.remove Permission to remove a crate by breaking it OP


Create crate

  1. Use the command /magiccrates create
  2. Click on the chest where you your crate want
  3. Select the crate type in the dropdown menu and click submit
  4. Click save crate

Remove crate

By command

  1. Use the command /magiccrates remove
  2. Click the crate you want to delete
  3. Click Delete crate

By block breaking

  1. Destroy a crate
  2. Click Delete crate

Use crate

Create key 0. Create a crate key with te command /magiccrates makekey <crate_type> [amount] [player]

Open crate

  1. Click on a crate with the crate key for that crate type
  2. Watch the animation
  3. You received the item(s) in your inventory

Additional Information

What's new §
  • Added PiggyCustomEnchants support
  • removed support for versions before 1.16.x
  • Added v1.16.200 support

using v1.0.8
17 Dec 20
Best plugin ever #bestdev
using v1.0.8
16 Dec 20
It is not compatible with the latest Minecraft protocol version 1.16.200, please change the protocol version for this plugin to be compatible. Thanks! :)
using v1.0.8
13 Dec 20
Great! Love the difference from this plugin. Like the different crate opening!

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