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Add crates to your server
version 2.2.2
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Plugin Description §


Add customizable crates to your server.

  • Add as many crate types as you want
  • Item and command rewards
  • Open crates with a nice animation
  • In-game preview menu with the crate contents including the rarity of each item
  • Customies support


  • Stable release: Poggit
  • Newest release: Poggit CI

How to use


Command aliases: /magiccrates, /mc

Command Description Permission-
/magiccrates create Create a crate magiccrates.cmd.create
/magiccrates remove Remove a crate magiccrates.cmd.remove
/magiccrates key <crate_type> [amount] [player] Make a crate key magiccrates.cmd.key


Permission Description Default
magiccrates.cmd Access to the /magiccrates command OP
magiccrates.cmd.create Access to the /magiccrates create command OP
magiccrates.cmd.remove Access to the /magiccrates remove command OP
magiccrates.cmd.key Access to the /magiccrates key command OP
magiccrates.break.remove Permission to remove a crate by breaking it OP

Create a new crate

  1. Use the command /mc create
  2. Click on the chest where you want your crate. (double chests do not work)
  3. Select the crate type in the dropdown menu and click Submit.
  4. Click save crate

Remove an existing crate

You can remove crates with a command:

  1. Use the command /mc remove
  2. Click on the crate you want to delete
  3. Click Delete crate

You can also remove crates by breaking the crate:

  1. Destroy a crate
  2. Click Delete crate

Create a crate key

You can only open crates by using a crate key. Each crate type has its own key.
You can create keys using the command /mc key <crate_type> [amount] [player]
When you have a crate key, you can open the matching crate by clicking on the crate.



Here you can see all options inside the config.yml

# The delay in ticks before the item animation begins
delay: 20
# Prefix for messages send by the plugin
prefix: "§r[§6Magic§cCrates§r]"
# Prefix for a crate key item name
key-name: "§r[§6Crate §cKey§r] §e{crate}"

Adding crate types

You can add your own crate types to the crate_types.json file.
Each crate type you want to add has its own unique identifier. You can choose this identifier yourself, but make sure that it is a valid array key.

  "<id>": {
    // replace <id> with a custom id
    "name": string,
    // the name shown above the crate
    "rewards": reward[],  // the rewards inside the crate
"commands": string[]  // [optional] commands executed after a player opened the crate

At least one reward OR command has to be inside the crate type

Adding rewards

A crate type can have many rewards, and you can set the rarity of each reward individually.
A reward can also only have commands without an item

"rewards": [
"name": string, // name of the reward
"amount": int, // amount of this reward inside the crate
"item": item|item[], // the item(s) the player gets
"commands": string[], // commands executed when the player wins this reward
"icon": string         // [optional] path/url to an image that will be displayed in the crate UI
... // more rewards      

Reward item

"item": {
"id": string, // id of the item (e.g. minecraft:dirt or customies:example)
"name": string, // [optional] custom name of the item
"amount": int, // [optional] amount of the item the player will receive
"lore": string|string[], // [optional] add one or more lines of lore to the item
"enchantments": enchantment[]   // [optional] list of enchantments applied to the item

You can add multiple enchantments to your crate reward items. You can add multiple enchantments by providing a list of the following object:

"enchantments": [
"name": string, // name of the enchantment
"level": int    // level of the enchantment
... // other enchantments


Icons are used for the UI when you interact with a crate without a key. In this UI, all items available in the chest are displayed with their icon.
By default, the icon of the rewarded item will be displayed, but you can customize this by providing an url.
You can use minecraft textures, in this case you only have to provide the path that points to a texture inside the texture pack (e.g. textures/items/diamond or textures/blocks/dirt)


The commands that you can place in the command lists in the type or reward are the same commands as you can execute in the console.
It is also possible to add some parameters to the commands to make them more usable. The options are:

  • {player} The name of the player
  • {crate_type} The id of the crate type
  • {crate} The name of the crate type
  • {reward} The name of the reward

You can use multiple of these options in a command, or none of them.

Commands example
"commands": [
"magiccrates key {crate_type} 5 {player}", // this gives the player that won the reward 5 crate keys of the crate type the player opened
"say {player} won {reward} in a {crate}", // sends a server wide message that the player won a reward from the crate
... // more commands

Example Crate Types

  "common": {
    "name": "§eCommon §6Crate",
    "rewards": [
        "name": "Diamond",
        "item": {
          "id": "minecraft:diamond",
          "name": "Common Diamond",
          "amount": 1,
          "lore": "Diamond from a crate",
          "enchantments": [
              "name": "efficiency",
              "level": 1
        "commands": [
          "msg {player} be carefully with this diamond!"
        "amount": 1
        "name": "dirt",
        "item": {
          "id": "minecraft:dirt",
          "amount": 2
    "commands": [
      "say {player} won {reward} from a {crate_type} crate"


What's new §
  • Fixed the crash that occurs after executing "/magiccrates key"
  • Fixed other bugs and crashes
  • Fix bug with unloaded worlds and added error messages to unloaded crates.
  • Let git stop ignoring .gitignore
  • Migrate crate types from config.yml to crate_types.json
  • Release v2.2.1
  • Fix key duplication bug
  • Add configurable prefix and key name in the config
  • Fix crash when player is offline during crate opening
  • Replace Paroxity/Commando with ACM-PocketMine-MP/Commando to fix a bug that crashes the server on startup
  • Add Customies support
  • Add crate reward preview
  • Rewrite most of the code
  • Update to pmmp 5.0.0
  • Added PiggyCustomEnchants support
  • removed support for versions before 1.16.x
  • Added v1.16.200 support

using v2.1.1
24 Aug 23
Nice plugin!
using v1.1.0
23 Mar 21
It would be great if the console can use the key command :)
using v1.0.8
17 Dec 20
Best plugin ever #bestdev
using v1.0.8
13 Dec 20
Great! Love the difference from this plugin. Like the different crate opening!

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