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Quickly and simply switch your PurePerms group with a UI!
version 1.6.0
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Plugin Description §



With this plugin, you can very easily switch your PurePerms group with a simple command that pops a UI onto your screen thanks to integration of FormAPI! All you do from there is select which group you want to switch to, and voila! This plugin also uses permission nodes to determine which groups should popup for which players, depending on which nodes are added to your group or player file. The ones not available, show as "Locked" and are grayed out in the UI. Each rank has an assigned permission node that can be edited in the config.yml. The command used to access the UI is also customizable in the config.yml along with a bunch of other cool features and settings!


  • To open the UI, run the command set in the config.yml

You must also have PurePerms installed for this plugin to work correctly!

PurePerms →

You can find a video example on YouTube →


Here you can see a list of ranks that are available based on permission nodes set for each rank.


What's new §
  • Update v1.6.0
    • Allow OPs any rank regardless of their permissions
    • Added lots of new customization features
      • Customize all messages
      • UI customization
      • Custom command and description
    • Cleaned up the config and the main
    • Add PurePerms direct API connection
  • Practicality Updates
  • Quick Fix
    • Add depend to plugin.yml, remove old method
  • Update v1.5.2
    • Clean up code & fix spelling errors
  • Update v1.5.2
    • Clean up code & update TextFormat
  • Update v1.5.1
  • Added support for pictures on ranks
  • Added two new trigger commands: 'rankch' & 'switch'

using v1.6.0
14 Jun 20
Hello creator of this plugin i would love if your next update will let me be able to change other people's ranks with the UI plz do this i need it for my server
11 Jul 20
The purpose of the UI is to change your own group quicker, not another player's. Maybe try simply using the command that comes with PurePerms :)
using v1.6.0
06 Jun 20
Great plugin, very useful!
11 Jul 20
Thanks a ton, Hyper!
using v1.6.0
24 May 20
how do you use ti
25 May 20
Send me a message on Discord @ Xenophilicy#0001 and I'll be glad to walk you through it!
using v1.5.0
29 Jan 19
I just ended yesterday messing up with permissions... and u uploaded it today :(
30 Jan 19
Thanks for your review, I'm not sure what you mean by this, but from my understanding you were having struggles with permissions and you found this. Hope my plugin and I can be helpful to you!
using v1.5.0
29 Jan 19
Bravo! Really great plugin, can you work on one where it shows prefixs, that a player has access to?
02 Feb 19
Thanks for your feedback as well as your suggestions. Could you explain how this would look and work? If you have any other further questions or requests, you can contact me at my Discord here → Xenophilicy#8252
using v1.5.0
29 Jan 19
Nice plugin, but I have some suggestions for the plugin. 1.Ability to add images for the ranks 2.Support for PureChat commands (setformat,setprefix and etc..) 3.Multiple commands
02 Feb 19
Thanks for your feedback as well as your suggestions. I have added an option to add images for each rank as you asked. The update will be pushed as soon as a few other features are introduced. I also need some clarification on the next two requests. Do you care to explain what your second and third suggestions are meaning? Go ahead and contact me at my Discord here → Xenophilicy#8252

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Supported API versions
PurePerms 1.4.3
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