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Plugin Mask UI For Pmmp 5.x.x
version 1.3
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Plugin Description §

Mask UI is a revision plugin of MaskShop based on pocketmine api 3.0.0, the author of this plugin has converted and updated to pocketmine based on api 5.0.0 (the latest version of pocketmine), if you want to see the original version of this plugin please visit


  • Custom Price (if you want to edit in config.yml)
  • Custom message after buys (if you want to edit in config.yml)
  • Custom name according to the user who buys
  • Custom sound effects
  • With different effects for each mask
  • Need wiki? click here


  1. Download this plugin
  2. Put plugin and plugin BedrockEconomy to plugins directory
  3. if you need fix bug form image loading please install plugin FormImagesFix
  4. Restart the server
  5. if you want to edit price and message after buy, please edit in config.yml


Command Permission Description
/mask open true Open Mask Shop UI
/mask wiki true Open Mask Wiki
/mask github true send link to repostory plugin
/mask help true send list command

Video Review

coming soon

What's new §
  • Clean Up Code Useles
  • Update icon
  • Fix bug & eror
  • Up to 1.3 (End Support Update PM 5)
  • Update
  • added img shop
  • added price in button shop form
  • Now use sub command
  • fix effect absurd
  • ADDED piglin mask
  • Added featured piglin mask
  • Remove shop image
  • nerf and buff effect masks
  • up to version 1.2
    • patch 1.2
  • Added effect
  • Added Economy (Now depend Bedrock Economy to running)
  • Delete ArmorInventory
  • Clean up code useless

using v1.3
14 Nov 23
bad code
27 Nov 23
Next update I will revamp useless code, also I will make everything customizable (in your own language) everything will be controlled in config.yml, and several other important updates. For the update wait for pocketmine 6 to be released, then I will update to 1.4
using v1.1
19 Aug 23
Instead of it giving them the effect once they buy it, Make it so if they put the mask on it gives them the effects. And If they take it off it removes the effects so its actually a mask and not just 'buying" the effects.
20 Aug 23
Of course, I will add this feature, but there is a problem in the ArmorInventory code to detect if a mob head item is used, which made me change it like that, but don't worry I will fix it in version 1.2-beta which will be released in about 1 month: )

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Supported API versions
BedrockEconomy 2.1.2
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Producers §
  • Collaborators:
    • @SkulZOnTheYT
  • Contributors:
    • @Kylan1940
License §
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