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An anticheat for Pocketmine
version 1.0.5
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Plugin Description §


Mavoric is a plugin designed to enforce the generic functions of MC:BE. Mavoric is designed to execute and enforce general cheat detection powerfully without a hassle.
Note: Mavoric is intended to be lightweight in terms of a fully functional anticheat.


If you use any code present here, please have the code reference this repository.


Mavoric is feature rich, with TPS checks, cheat checks, banwaves, autobans and autokicks to help you stop cheaters.
Mavoric currently features detections for:

  • AutoClicker
  • Flight
  • Multiaura
  • Speed
  • ClickTP
  • JetPack
  • HighJump

Disclaimer: Mavoric is still currently in development and I can not ensure that you will recieve a 100% bug free experience. If you have any bugs or suggestions, please feel free to report them on this repository by clicking here.


Early stages of Mavoric were originally developed for the OwnagePE network, after multiple failed attempts at making something functional, Mavoric was then taken into private development for improvements and shortly after made an appearance on Versai in August 2019 where it has been used on a mass scale to help improve it's overall functionality.


This is a list of public releases, and with detail about each release and a provided download.

Version Released Completed Download
v0.0.6 October 26th 2019 ✔ Yes Mavoric_v0.1.6
v0.0.7 November 3rd 2019 ✔ Yes Mavoric_v0.1.7
v1.0.0 Janurary 22nd 2020 ✔ Yes Mavoric_v1.0.0
v1.0.1 Never ✔ Yes Mavoric_v1.0.1
v1.0.2 Feburary 7th 2020 ✔ Yes Mavoric_v1.0.2
v1.0.3 March 3rd 2020 ✔ Yes Mavoric_v1.0.3
v1.0.4 March 19th 2020 ✔ Yes Mavoric_v1.0.4
v1.0.5 March 23rd 2020 ✔ Yes Mavoric_v1.0.5
v1.0.6 Unknown No Mavoric_v1.0.6

API Versions

Version Released Maintained Details
v0.0.X June 14th 2019 No Initial release of Mavoric, consists of detection list with poor handling.
v1.0.X November 3rd 2019 ✔ Yes Consists of core improvments for event handling and code improvements.

using v1.0.5
01 Apr 20
Tps dawn, ne détecte pas les triches réel mais ce qu'il veut. Il détecté des triche pour rien, 3 étoile le concept est bon.
using v1.0.5
23 Mar 20
Thank you so much does really usefull for my server to reduce some cheater

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    • @Zedstar16
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