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Easily create and execute the original flow like a plugin
version 3.3.0
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Plugin Description §


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English, 日本語, Indonesia, Español


You can combine actions and create something like a plugin without any coding knowledge.
Some actions are hidden by default to prevent abuse. To show them all, please run mineflow permission add <your name> all from the console.


command description
/mineflow language <eng | jpn | ind> Change language
/mineflow recipe [add | edit | list] Manage recipes
/mineflow command [add | edit | list] Manage command triggers
/mineflow form Manage form triggers
/mineflow permission Change player's permission level
/mineflow setting Setting


To change the permission, run /mineflow permission <add|remove|list> <name> <permission>. Only the player who has permission permission can change the permissions of the other players. You can give an all permission from the console.


Characters enclosed by "{" and "}" are recognized as variables and will be replaced.
examples: {target}, {item}

more details


Create a recipe

Execute "/mineflow recipe add" and enter the recipe name and group name. (The group name can be left blank.)
Add a variety of actions to the recipe.

Execute a recipe

Add a trigger from "Edit trigger" of the form. Then, when the trigger occurs, the recipe will be executed.

Change the executor

By default, the player who fired the trigger goes into the {target} variable of the recipe.
It can be changed from "Change the target" on the form to any of the specified players, all players, random players, or none.

Arguments and return values

You can set the value to be inherited from the original action, and the value to be returned when executing in the "Callback the other recipe" action.


CheckId command

Send the ID of the item in the player's hand to the chat field when execute /id. Download


  1. Execute /mineflow command add and add the /id command.
  2. Execute /mineflow recipe add and add a recipe with a name of your choice.
  3. Click Edit actions > Add action > Player to add a Send message to chat field to the recipe you have created.
  4. Enter {}:{target.hand.damage} in the message field of Send message to chat field.
    addAction ({target.hand} contains information about the item in the player's hand.)
  5. Click Edit trigger > Add trigger > Command and enter id in the name of command field. addTrigger

To send more information of item

{target.hand} is item variable. {} is replaced by the item name and {target.hand.count} by the number of items.

To be able to use it non-OP

Set the permissions of the command to anyone can execute on the form to add the command or in the command menu.


Icons made by Pause08 from

What's new §
  • Added support for pmmp 5.0
  • Added new conditions
    • Two items are the same
    • Two blocks are the same
  • Added new variable methods
    • List variable
      • random()
      • shuffle()
      • take(count)
      • take_last(count)
  • Fixed #235
  • Fixed language setting form was not shown
  • Added new actions
    • Set message to event When a player chats
    • Set gamerule
  • Fixed a crash when editing some actions
  • Exported recipes can now be loaded as addons by putting them in the plugin_data/Mineflow/addons folder.
    • Recipes loaded with addons do not list in the recipe list.
    • The following command has been added:
      • /mineflow addon list: show list of addons
      • /mineflow addon reload: reload addons in the plugin_data/Mineflow/addons folder
      • /mineflow addon load <name>: load an addon plugin_data/Mineflow/addons/<name>.json
      • /mineflow addon unload <name>: unload an addon named <name>
    • Custom actions can now be added using addons.
  • Recipes can now be temporarily disabled.
  • Recipe argument can now specify a variable type.
  • Enabling/disabling event triggers now reflects instantly.
  • Added new variables
    • _.args: list of recipe arguments
  • Added new variable properties
    • Number variable
      • floor
      • ceil
      • round
      • abs
    • Entity variable
      • isVisible
  • Added new variable methods
    • Number variable
      • floor()
      • ceil()
      • round(precision)
      • abs()
      • pad(length)
  • Added new actions
    • Set data in a player variable
      • Stores personal player data in the player variable. To get the data from a player variable, you can use <player variable name>.data.<data name> variable. Example)
    • Set the default value for a player data
    • Send a message to jukebox popup field
    • Send a message to action bar field
    • Make a player visible/invisible
    • Transfer a player to another server
    • Emote
  • Actions in the Economy category have been moved to MineflowMoreActions plugin.
  • Added Spanish language translated by @Tweaky349
  • Item, vector3, position, and location variables can now be saved and loaded.
  • Vector3 and AABB variables now support calculations.
  • Added variable properties
    • Player variable
      • first_played
      • last_played
    • Server variable
      • motd
      • ip
      • port
      • start_time
      • ip_bans
      • microtime
      • date
      • time
  • Fixed validation of recipe group names.
  • Organized some actions into subcategories.
  • Added new actions
    • Action group
    • Set item data
    • Set item data from json
    • Get item data
    • Remove an item data
  • Added a new condition
    • The item has a data
  • Added a new action
    • Send toast
  • Added a new condition
    • Contains specified item in the armor inventory
  • Fixed #163
  • Fixed #170

Fixed crash when adding recipes. #159

  • Added new actions
    • Get entities in the specified area
    • Get players in the specified area
    • Create AABB
    • Create AABB from variable
    • If not
    • Get the nearest entity
    • Get the nearest living
    • Get the nearest player
  • Support command arguments with spaces
  • Moved the RemoveConfigData category to Config
  • Fixed number input validations
  • Fixed crash when adding custom permission to command
  • Fixed a bug that form buttons cannot load saved UUIDs. #113
  • Added new conditions.
    • The player is gliding
    • The player is swimming
    • The player is sprinting
  • Added variable methods.
    • List variable
      • reverse
    • Map variable
      • reverse
      • keys
      • values
    • Config variable
      • count
      • reverse
      • keys
      • values
      • all
  • Added a recipe variable.
  • Fixed a bug that variables in a value of SetConfigData are not replaced.
  • Fixed wrong categories of Exists configuration file and Exists data in configuration file.
  • Added the Indonesian language translated by @keenanyafiqy
  • Added variables and variable properties
    • for more information, please see the changelog
  • Fixed an error when adding command with custom permission
  • Fixed a crash when removing an action sometimes.
  • Support pmmp api 4.0.0
  • Supports MCBE 1.17.40
  • Added entity variable property
    • onGround
  • Fixed duplicated condition id
  • Supports mcbe 1.17.30
  • Added block object variable property
    • item
  • Added entity variable property
    • saveId
  • Added new conditions
    • If the entity is in the specified world
    • Less than the specified number of players online
    • More than the specified number of players online
  • Added a new action
    • chat
  • Fixed some messages.
  • Fixed wrong validation of number input
  • Added {server} variable
  • Added world variable properties
    • entities
    • livings
  • Added missing event triggers
  • Added console command button
  • Supports more variable calculation
  • Supports variable replacement for more form elements
  • TimeTrigger can now set timezone from config.yml
  • Fixed some bugs related to variables.
  • Added option to disable showing recipe errors in the console.
  • Added new actions.
    • Remove specific effect from entity
    • Clear effect from entity
    • Teleport to the specified world
  • Fixed some bugs.
  • Supports mcbe 1.17.10
  • added variable properties
    • player variable
      • display_name
      • ping
      • locale
    • human variable
      • xp
      • xp_level
      • xp_progress
    • world variable
      • players
  • Fixed error when loading variables
  • Supports MCBE 1.17
  • Fixed some bugs related to variables.
  • 2.0.1
  • update to minecraft 1.16.220
  • Calculations can now be performed within variable brackets, such as {1 * (2 + 3)}.
  • Variable brackets can no longer be nested.
  • Recipe execution target can now be set to all players in the world.
  • Actions can now be duplicated.
  • Actions can now be moved inside/outside of action container.
  • Added the button to add recipes and delete recipe groups from the recipe list form.
  • Added new trigger types:
    • Time
    • Custom
  • Added an action:
    • Fire a custom trigger.
  • Added /mineflow recipe execute command.
  • Update to mcbe v1.16.210
  • Fixed a bug that the old form could not deleted when renaming a form. #34
  • new action added
    • loop for each position
    • position variable addition
    • send a message just for console
  • added button on add action form
  • List form buttons can be set to images
  • new actions added
    • GenerateRandomPosition
    • RegisterCraftingRecipe
  • new event trigger added
    • When a player pick up items
  • Fixed an error when click the <add variable> button.
  • Fixed an error when exporting recipe.
  • New parts for custom form added
  • Fixed a bug that PlayerAttackEvent could not be canceled.
  • Fixed some wrong messages.
  • Added new event trigger.
    • EntityDeathEvent
  • New actions added.
    • Make the entity look at the specified position, Move the entity to the direction of the specified position.
  • New conditions added.
  • Added killer variable to PlayerDeathEvent
  • Fix a bug that form button trigger not works.
  • Custom list form can now select a command button.
  • Update for mcbe 1.16.100
  • Fixed a bug that doubles the EntityDamageEvent
  • fix some wrong messages
  • fix some bugs
  • add an action category
  • add some variables
  • change the form for adding an action to a recipe
  • add new actions
    • "Get all the items in the armor inventory and put in a variable"
    • "Drop items"
  • Added new actions
      • Allows a player to fly
      • Remove a score name from the scoreboard
      • Allows a player to climb walls
      • for statement action
      • Remove a data from configuration file
      • Get the current date with a specific format
      • Get a block in line of sight
      • Create a map variable from json
      • Create a human entity and spawn it
      • Calculate the formula in reverse Polish notation
  • Fixed some bugs
  • updated for mcbe1.16 and pmmp1.13
  • updated some messages
  • fixed EditString action bag
  • added new actions that Get a block with specified coordinates and AddXpProgress, AddXpLevel, Gets the length of a string
  • changed permission on run commands from the console to 1
  • you can now specify the number of seconds that "show title" is displayed
  • updated the category of actions and conditions
  • Bug fixes
    • bossbar error
    • TeleportLevelEvent doesn't works
    • inArea condition bug
  • Export files can now contain configuration files.

Scoreboards are now supported

  • Add new actions
    • Create scoreboard variable
    • Show scoreboard
    • Hide scoreboard
    • Set a score on the scoreboard
    • Increment a score on the scoreboard
    • Decrement a score on the scoreboard
    • Remove a score form scoreboard
    • Set a score name on the scoreboard
    • Join list variable with a string
  • Add new conditions
    • Check if a player with the variable is online
    • Check if a player with the specified name is online
  • Fix whileTask action bug
  • Fix wait action bug
  • Add new actions
    • More calculations
    • Remove contents of a list variable
  • Fixed bug that the trigger of list form button does not respond
  • Fixed bug when adding Compare Numbers
  • Added new actions, conditions, and variables
  • Fixed some bugs
  • You can now break a line in the form with \n
  • wait action can now be specified from 0.05 seconds
  • Short-circuit evaluation of conditions

using v3.3.0
01 Oct 23
Good Plugin but please add Custom Images work! Also add custom Images to Forms
using v2.10.0
05 Jul 22
Plugin is awesome when you can't understand how to code!
using v2.9.1
11 Apr 22
nice plugin.but it crashes i would be happy if the installer contact me
using v2.8.1
09 Mar 22
using v2.8.1
05 Mar 22
I can't create custom permissions on a command. Because It was crash.
using v2.7.0
18 Jan 22
using v2.6.1
16 Jan 22
using v2.6.1
15 Jan 22
:D Great plugin! I really need this, I need to make commands for my server, and THIS plugin helps A LOT!!!!
using v2.5.2
04 Dec 21
the plugin is fine, but could you add subcommand?
using v2.5.2
09 Nov 21
Very very good plugin. Its Working. Thanks
using v2.5.0
01 Nov 21
Best plugin I know of. Five stars.
using v2.4.0
01 Oct 21
Amazing plugin. Maybe you could add a "When Player Stands on Block" condition.
using v2.4.0
01 Oct 21
Great plugin! Ever server needs this :))
using v2.3.1
27 Sep 21
This plugin is the best one I know of. The only problem is that it doesn't work with the latest version of pmmp. Good luck with the update process.
01 Oct 21
Thank you!
using v2.3.1
24 Aug 21
I think it would be great if you add support for the MultiEconomy plugin. I really want to diversify my product across different currencies, not just one currency. And this is a great plugin that I love. Thank you for creating it
25 Aug 21
Thanks for the suggestion, but I can't due to the license.
using v2.3.0
22 Aug 21
22 Aug 21
Thank you!
using v2.3.0
21 Aug 21
Incredible plugin, great job!
22 Aug 21
Thank you!!
Staff Outdated
using v2.3.0
20 Aug 21
22 Aug 21
Thank you!
using v2.2.0
28 Jul 21
Hmm this plugin looks interesting, I would use it if it wasnt 300KB, actually I might use it, idk.
10 Aug 21
Thank you for the five stars
using v2.1.1
25 Jul 21
I have loved this plugin, he is incredible! p.s. please add the features "clear player effects", "give player effects" and "teleport the player to a world" love this plugin
27 Jul 21
Thank you for the review and suggestion! I will add "clear player effects" and "teleport the player to a world". There is already an action "entity > Add effect to entity" for "give player effects".
using v2.1.0
15 Jul 21
no compatible 3.22.0
18 Jul 21
Thanks for the 5 stars
using v2.1.0
14 Jul 21
Seriously, I love this Plugin Thanks you so much for providing best plugin
18 Jul 21
Thank you!!
using v2.0.3
06 Jul 21
can you add coins system support?
08 Jul 21
What is the coins system? Please tell me more on (I will add XP level variable. Thank you for your suggestion!)
using v2.0.3
29 Jun 21
OMG Very nice plugin! But is there a way to create a custom command with delay which cancels if player moves or gets a hit?
29 Jun 21
Thank you! You can use global variable and "Script > Wait" action. If you need more help, please report to
using v1.3.1
22 Mar 21
using v1.3.1
17 Mar 21
using v1.3.0
14 Feb 21
using v1.3.0
23 Jan 21
using v1.3.0
05 Jan 21
Great! But how to Change the image? A tutorial please.
using v1.3.0
28 Dec 20
Is problem +WILLTOM666+ [20:33:37] [Server thread/INFO]: /transferserver sent by WILLTOM666 [20:33:37] [Server thread/INFO]: [StaffChat] <Staff> WILLTOM666 disconnected [20:33:37] [Server thread/INFO]: -WILLTOM666- [20:33:37] [Server thread/INFO]: WILLTOM6
12 Jan 21
using v1.2.0
18 Dec 20
Great plugin but how do I make it so when I do /crates it executes the command /warp crates ?
22 Dec 20
You can use the "When a player executes the command" trigger and the "Execute a command" action like this
using v1.2.0
16 Dec 20
this sounds really good, will update once i start using
using v1.2.0
16 Dec 20
using v1.2.0
15 Dec 20
[02:01:52] [Server thread/INFO]: -WILLTOM666- [02:01:52] [Server thread/INFO]: WILLTOM666[/] logged out due to transfer [02:01:52] [Server thread/CRITICAL]: InvalidStateException: "Trying to get permissions of closed player" (EXCEPTION
12 Jan 21
using v1.2.0
14 Dec 20
Its the best plugin I have ever seen, its a Super cool plugin, You made my work very very easier. Please add Clickable ltems support where we click an Item to execute commands.
16 Dec 20
thank you! I think it can be implemented using the "When the player touches the block" trigger and the "{target.hand}" variable. If you need more help, please report to
using v1.1.0
11 Dec 20
16 Dec 20
thank you
using v1.0.2
07 Dec 20
09 Dec 20
using v1.0.1
22 Nov 20
best plugin ever!!!!! but it's out-dated by the 1.16.100 api: 3.16.0 i was litteraly searching for a form maker for months! and when i found this i was so excited! thanks to all the developers who maked this awesome plugin!!!! update it please! thanks!
24 Nov 20
thank youuuu!! updated
using v1.0.1
21 Nov 20
The feeling of making a plugin with a plugin... It's good idea!!
21 Nov 20
Thank you!!
using v1.0.1
20 Nov 20
21 Nov 20
Thank you
Staff Outdated
using v1.0.0
24 Jan 21
using v0.6.0
25 May 20
Amazing plugin! Made my work a lot easier!
28 May 20
Thank you!
using v0.6.0
25 May 20
Awesome Plugin 😉
28 May 20
Thank you😃
using v0.4.1
12 Jan 21
Hi this plugins is greate but can i using a form, add section and every section can i add command ?
Staff Outdated
using v0.4.1
23 May 20
24 May 20
Thank you!!
using v0.3.1
17 May 20
Can make cool down for any item?
20 May 20
The {microtime} variable contains the current time, so I think you can use that. example:
using v0.3.1
11 May 20
my character is sleeping in the air. How to fix it? I tried with a seat but then he sleeps in the ground
13 May 20
Thank you for your review. Please try changing the y-coordinates by way of the reply below.
using v0.3.1
11 May 20
I'm maked it but it sits in blocks. Why is make coordinates ~ ~1 ~ ?
11 May 20
Please try the next steps. (1): Add {target.y} and 1 using "Math > Do an four arithmetic operations". (2): Create the coordinates of {target.x},{result},{target.z},{target.level} using "World > Create Position variable". (3): Add the sit action.
using v0.3.1
11 May 20
Can you make a tutorial on how to use the plugin i an a bit confused?
11 May 20
Thank you for your review. I'll make it
using v0.3.0
09 May 20
this plugin is epic
10 May 20
Thank you :D

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