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Adds very customizable Bosses
version 3.2.4
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Plugin Description §


Adds very customizable Bosses

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Supported Entities

Theoretically any entity, not all entities tested

Custom entities from addons supported in v3.2.3+



  • Attributes
    • Entity type
    • Health
    • Attack damage
    • Attack rate
    • Movement speed
    • Gravity
    • Scale
    • Hurt modifiers (Reduced arrow damage? No fall damage? No problem!)
    • Knockback resistance
  • Equipment
    • Held item
    • Offhand
    • Armor
  • Health display
  • Item/XP drops (option to spread drops)
  • Respawn time
  • Skin (Custom geometry supported)
  • Commands on death
  • Projectile
    • Entity type
    • Speed
    • Firing Range
    • Fire rate
    • Damage
    • Explosion radius
    • Health
    • Attacking/Deflecting
    • Despawn time
    • Gravity
    • Explosive flying pigs anyone? :P
  • Top damage rewards (items/commands)
  • Minions (Configured in the same manner as a Boss, can do anything a Boss can do)
  • Many more...


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Commands & Permissions

Configuring items with Custom Name / Lore / Enchantments

Config Explanation

Convert skin or cape from png to config

Example Configs

What's new §

Update for MC 1.19.40 PM 4.10

⚠️NOTICE⚠️ From PM 4.11, ALL projectile attackDamage will no longer be scaled by velocity/speed, please adjust accordingly
See 4.11 changelog for more info

Support custom entities from addons

Update for MC 1.19.20 PM 4.7

Bug fixes

  • Minion despawnAfter now have a default value of 0 (never depawn)
  • Fix assert spam on debug clients

Other changes

  • drops is now DropsEntry array

using v3.2.1
16 Aug 22

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Producers §
  • Collaborators:
    • @diamond-gold
  • Contributors:
    • @Sandertv
License §
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