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PocketMine-MP anti-cheat in development made for fun by @ethaniccc.
version 2.5
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Plugin Description §


Mockingbird is an anti-cheat in development made for fun by an ethic idot - version v2 has many changes compared to the v1 variants of Mockingbird.

Important Notes:

  • You want a decent server to handle everything Mockingbird is going to do with the least amount of false positives (such as WitherHosting's $1.25 plan).
  • Waterdog may bring up issues while using Mockingbird, if you use Waterdog along with Mockingbird, know that things may go wrong.

Here's something I want to relay before moving forward:

  1. If you have an issue with Mockingbird (constant falsing, too much cpu usage, etc.) please make an issue on the GitHub repository with details, so I can fix it. You can leave a bad review but please make an issue :)
  2. Find a bypass (for movement detections only)? Make an issue on the GitHub repository with a video.
  3. Got a feature suggestion? Don't put it in reviews - make an issue on the GitHub repository.

Special Thanks To:

  • shura62
  • Blackjack200
  • Jonhan
  • (discord) @very nice name#6789
  • Bavfalcon9


WitherHosting is the hosting company that Mockingbird's test server runs on. It is very affordable (I used to use the $1.25 multi-server plan) and has very good performance from what I have seen. They were kind enough to give me a good test server without cost, and I really do appreciate it! You can check out WitherHosting and their services by clicking here!

Test Server Details


Port: 19138

V2 Changes

Mockingbird's base inspiration comes from Neptune made by shura62

TLDR (if you don't care about all the dev stuff): Same checks, and new base. TLDR List:

  • New Base
  • Same and new checks
  • More accurate
  • Cheat probability
  • Reward system (for when players pass checks to prevent falses)
  • Some threaded checks

Well, first things first - detection modules are no longer event listeners, instead, Detections extend a Detection class which has a function called "process" which runs every time a packet gets received from the player.

Before Detections process data though, "processors" process data before the check. These processors handle data and save them into the player's "User" class so all checks can use them. For instance, the FlyA check gets the User's move delta (vector3) and does math from there.

Every time a player joins, it will register a "User" class for them. All available check instances will be cloned from Mockingbird's main class made when the plugin enables and put in a "checks" property in the User. Processors however, are hardcoded.

Mockingbird no longer calls custom events.

There will not be a resetting violation feature unless Mockingbird is still false-punishing users. Instead, every time a user passes a check, they will be "rewarded". In rewarding, the player's violations for the check gets multiplied by a very small amount (multiplier varies based off the check). This will help with players which might false positive some checks at certain points, and is more effective than resetting all the player's violations.

Detections now have "cheat probability". What this will do is estimate the chance of cheating. This is determined by how many times a player flags a certain check a certain amount of times within a period.

Custom modules are still here. Since I'm too lazy to make an example, uh, idk just figure it out or wait I guess.


This is a list of all the detections Mockingbird has, these detections may not be 100% accurate and false at sometimes, but the new reward system should compensate.

Combat Detections

  • AimAssist
    • (A) -> Yaw delta to pitch delta check
    • (B) -> Modulo check
  • AutoClicker
    • (A) -> Consistency
    • (B) -> Speed
    • (C) -> Statistics
    • (D) -> Duplicated Statistics
  • KillAura
    • (A) -> MultiAura
    • (B) -> NoSwing
  • Reach
    • (A) -> AABB Distance Check
  • Hitbox
    • (A) -> Colliding Ray Check

Movement Checks

  • Fly
    • (A) -> Prediction Check
    • (B) -> AirJump Check
    • (C) -> Acceleration Check
    • (D) -> Positive/Negative delta ratio check
  • Speed
    • (A) -> Friction Check (flags while using bhop and some other hacks)
    • (B) -> Speed Limit Check
  • Velocity
    • (A) -> Vertical velocity check (can detect 99.999%)
  • OmniSprint (checks if the user is sprinting while not going forwards).

Player Checks

  • Nuker (yep lag compensated in less than 40 lines)
  • ChestStealer (yep also lag compensated in less than 40 lines) =
  • EditionFaker (pog)

Mockingbird also has packet checks.

  • BadPackets (checks for validity of packets sent)
    • (A) -> Pitch validity check
    • (B) -> MovePlayerPacket consistency check
    • (C) -> Checks if player hits themselves (can be used to bypass some checks?)
    • (D) -> Checks if player is gliding without an Elytra.
    • (E) -> Checks for invalid deltas in the PlayerAuthInputPacket.
  • Timer (checks if player is sending too many packets in an instance)
    • (A) -> Balance Check


Toggling Alerts

To toggle alerts on/off, all you need to do is run /mbalerts. There are no arguments needed for this command, and the command will turn on/off your alerts, depending on if your alerts are enabled or disabled.

Getting User Logs

To get the current logs of a player, all you need to do is run /mblogs <player>. If the player is found, the command will relay a message with their logs. If the detection has punishments disabled it will not show the max violations.

Format with punishments enabled: Detection Name => (currentViolations / maxViolations) @ Cheating Probability

Format with punishments disabled: Detection Name => (currentViolations) @ Cheating Probability


Setting Alert Cooldown

By default, alert cooldown is two seconds for every check the player flagging has, however, some may want this cooldown lowered to view every single alert, or to increase the alert cooldown because it's spamming chat.

To set the cooldown, run the command /mbdelay with the first argument as the amount of second you want to change the alert cooldown to. E.g If I wanted to set the alert cooldown to 10 seconds, I would run /mbdelay 10.

Getting User Debug Log Data

This command is useful for getting debug information in-game, which can help if you are having an issue. To get a user's debug information for a certain detection, you can run /mbdebug <player> <detection_name>.


What's new §
  • Accounted for ghost blocks better
  • Re-added and improved VelocityA (VERY poggers)
  • Preminum checks go brrrrr (not public)
  • Improved location history for Reach A and Hitbox A checks.
  • Added BadPacketE (flags Toolbox's FreeCam after a certain point)
  • Added alot of debug stuff you're never going to use
  • Some internal stuff you don't need to worry about
  • Fixed some AutoClicker check falses
  • Added OmniSprint
  • Other Stuff
  • Renamed Aim -> AimAssist
  • Removed AimB
  • Some internals, internals, and more internals.
  • Disabled HitboxA by default (resource-intensive)
  • Increased default max reach to prevent falses
  • Fixed ReachA falsing when player is having a lag-spike
  • Re-did AutoClickerA
  • Add AutoClickerE
  • Pretty much removed VelocityA and VelocityB
  • Added 1.16.100 support
  • Fixed MathUtils giving errors
  • Fixed spectator mode falsing the fly checks
  • Auto-updater for config
  • Changed onGround method
  • Added ability for processors and detections to handle events.
  • Fixed possible false with Waterdog and the fly checks
  • Accounted for teleporting with VelocityB
  • Added log command
  • Replaced /mbdebug from a debug output command to a debug log output command.
  • Hardcoded processors
  • Stopped using reflection for finding avaliable detections, uses cloned instances instead.
  • Improved FlyB
  • Added AimB
  • Added EditionFaker
  • New Checks
    • AutoClickerD
    • HitboxA
    • ChestStealerA

  • Internal Updates
  • No more lag from MoveProcessor
  • Logo
  • New Base and same (and improved) checks
  • PlAyErAuThInpUtpAcKEt!!!1
  • Reward system in detections (will lover VL if player passes a detection).
  • New checks: AutoClickerC, VelocityB (detects 97% horizontal velocity by default), Nuker (improved and much better), BadPacketsB and BadPacketsC.
  • Internal Stuff
  • Config: please reset k thx


  • Removed a bunch of checks (please reset your config for this update)
  • Improved AutoClickerB
  • Made AutoClickerA more strict.
  • Added 98% (sometimes can detect 99%) linear velocity check (VelocityA)
  • Fixed the screenshare feature not showing chunks (now uses teleport)
  • A bunch more, I made a lot of commits since 1.2-beta xd


  • Added debug log
  • Added option to make violations reset after a period of time. This will prevent legit players who may sometimes falsing Mockingbird from getting punished. By default, this option is enabled and will reset violations every 300 seconds (5 minutes).

There is more, please reset your plugin data to prevent any issues ;)

  • Add experimental Scaffold detection
  • Update AutoClickerA
  • Improve and update ReachA
  • Add option to disable or enable alerts in-game
  • Update logs command, the command has changed to /mblogs
  • Add debug messages and allow staff to enable or disable debug messages in-game (by deault debug messages are disabled)

using v2.4.0
24 Jan 21
Give us MBProxy ethanicccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc or bad
27 Jan 21
no more MBProxy because of this review HA!!!1
using v2.4.0
24 Jan 21
using v2.4.0
15 Jan 21
even though some say this has high ram usage when enabled it only uses 3mb extra which is normal for plugins.
using v2.4.0
28 Dec 20
using v2.3.0
07 Dec 20
using v2.2.0
01 Dec 20
using v2.2.0
25 Nov 20
goooodd anti cheat
using v1.3-beta
22 Oct 20
Grate anti-cheat! But where can I find the permissions?
using v1.3-beta
06 Sep 20
fix and ill give 5 star - Gives internal server errors - Kicks for CEs
06 Sep 20
Report the internal server error's on github, I'll look into custom enchants later :p
using v1.1-beta
01 Sep 20
custom enchants + anticheat = kick :/ please make it so when you use custom enchants it wont kick ya (piggy CE)
using v1.1-beta
21 Aug 20
using v1.1-beta
21 Aug 20
Best anticheat i have found for pocketmine!
21 Aug 20
thanks for the review! :D
using v1.1-beta
18 Aug 20
yes very good, taco quality
21 Aug 20
thanks for the review! :D
using v1.0-beta
16 Aug 20
Basic anticheat with weak checks. My friends made bypasses for this ac in a few hours lol
17 Aug 20
If you have found a bypass, please show a video of the bypass and make an issue at the Github repo so I can work on a patch ;)
using v1.0-beta
11 Aug 20
Very good anti cheat but you should make an option how sensitive it will be beacuse it gets triggered very easily and most of that is false
12 Aug 20
Currently with the way Mockingbird is designed, there isn't really a way to change the sensitivity of the checks. If you're having any issues with a certain check, you can report it here: :p Thanks for the review!
using v1.0-beta
10 Aug 20
using v1.0-beta
08 Aug 20
08 Aug 20
using v1.0-beta
03 Aug 20
very nice plugin thank you!
03 Aug 20
thanks for the review :)
using v1.0-beta
03 Aug 20
using v1.0-beta
02 Aug 20
very nice plugin, i love it :3
03 Aug 20
Thanks for the review :D
using v1.0-beta
02 Aug 20
using v1.0-beta
02 Aug 20
using v1.0-beta
02 Aug 20
using v1.0-beta
02 Aug 20
using v1.0-beta
02 Aug 20

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