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Plot Generation Plugin for PocketMine-MP Servers
version 1.11.1
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2155 Downloads / 64510 Total
67 Reviews
Plugin Description §



MyPlot is a plugin for generating plot worlds for players to claim, build, or do whatever they want on.

The plugin is designed based on PlotMe for Bukkit servers and will soon implement features from PlotSquared too.


  • Plot World Generation
  • Multiworld support
  • Custom Translation Message Support
  • Customizable plot world settings
    • Plots can be claimed, disposed, and reset
    • Plots can be warped to using their X;Z coordinates
    • Multiple plot homes can be had and used
    • Helpers can be added to build on plots
    • Annoying players can be blocked from plots
    • Customizable plot biomes
    • Customizable Plot Borders
    • Individual Plot Pvp Settings
    • Plot Merging!
    • Buying and Selling Plots
  • Plots can be cloned to other coordinates
  • Admins can change plot owners
  • Plots can be given away to others
  • Available plots are granted via permission
  • Multiple data providers available (SQLite3, MySQL, YAML, JSON)
  • Multi-Economy Support

Future Additions

  • Plots will be auctionable
  • Plots will expire and automatically reset if the owner does not come online within a set amount of time
  • Plots will be able to be marked as completed for builders and rated for build quality
  • World Editor support for faster world editing

Video tutorial

Youtube Video Example


The Plugin was originally authored by Wies with the help of Exxarion. After completing most of the plugin, they went inactive, but I was granted permission to maintain the project. They later left the community altogether.

The plugin is now being maintained for each PocketMine GitHub release and additional features are added each update!

What's new §
  • Added Portuguese language pack (#417)
  • Combined YAML and JSON providers (#402)
  • Fixed missing mergedPlots table in the mysql provider (#415)
  • Fix crash when generating a new plots world. (#385) (#386)
  • Fix economy still being active without economy plugins
  • Fixed some translation related crashes (#394) (#416) ()
  • Fixed a world loading crash #396
  • Fixed plot merge crashes #408
  • Fixed plot biome changes #410
  • Fixed MySQL connection error false positive
  • Fixed inconsistencies in the language files and configs (#390)
  • Plot Merging (#59) (#373)
  • Prevent fire spread (#383) (#384)
  • Removed spoon detector requirement
  • Spanish Language Rewrite and Additions (#387)
  • Update deu.ini (#397) (#391)
  • extract generator name to a constant
  • pre-emptive fix similar to #396
  • Fixed #378 and other related bugs
  • Gruundstück to Grundstück update deu.ini (#375)
  • Update tur.ini (#377)
  • Added Swedish translation (#356)
  • Change formatting slightly
  • Fix for sendForm() on null (#360)
  • Fixed new popup issues (#355)
  • Fixed setowner subcommand success name (#354)
  • Fixed bug for unlimited plots (#358)
  • Fixed buy command only working for the owner of a plot
  • Fixed kick subcommand kicking players out of other plots
  • Make message formatting consistent
  • Minor changes
  • Only allow claim form on plot worlds
  • Passing PHPStan level 7 (#364)
  • Prevent liquids, grass, and other blocks from spreading over the plot border (#365)
    • Added generic block spread settings
    • Thank you @HighTecDev
  • Update deu.ini (#372)
  • UI Forms (#330)
    • Using pmforms virion
    • Added API in SubCommand for Form tracking
    • Forms are not required with every command
    • Forms work when standing outside of a plot too
    • Added config option for UI Forms
    • Satisfied PhpStan level 6
    • Version Bump
  • Added Plot Buying and Selling (#343)
    • Thank You @DerDevHD !
    • Added price info to availability popup. (#326)
    • Allow plots to have separate prices from eachother for claiming (#344)
  • Added German Form Translations (#337)
  • Allow teleport to trigger EnterPlotEvent (#322)
  • Fixed right click interaction in plots
  • Fixed crash on kick when the player is out of a plot (#317)
  • Fixed a bug where the join event player would not always be sent popups
  • Fixed a bug where liquid restrictions prevented grass and other block ticking
  • Fixed 3.14.2 task handler issue
  • Apply bottom block on border clear
  • Change some translations to match better
  • Changed translation for confirm
  • Don't restrict admins to 1 listed world
  • Fix liquid flow on borders (#277) (#278)
  • Fixed centered position missing level #298
  • Fixed denied player teleporting
  • Added /p kick (#287)
  • Started using PhpStan analysis from poggit
  • Remove unsupported economy providers
  • Removed missing variable from translation (#279)
  • All usage messages are now english until I can figure out minecraft locale (#292)
  • Teleport players out of plot space if they are denied
  • Updated Vietnamese Translations (#294)
  • Update Spanish Translations (#281)
  • Added Polish translations (#291)
  • Added Tagalog language pack (#263)
  • Check if SpoonDetector virion exists in non-poggit builds (#270)
  • Pvp restriction settings should only affect roads because plots have their own settings
  • Make clone subcommand less confusing
  • Always save chunks after WorldStyler completes
    • Include borders in cloning
    • Teleport players out of plot space when cloning
    • Use different selection for cloning versus clearing
  • Prevent crash in edge cases (literally)
  • Updated clone translations
  • Add plot cloning (#228)
    • Added clone subcommand
    • Added translations
    • Added PlotCloneEvent
  • Command Autofill Support (#251)
    • Added autofill parsing from subcommand usage messages
    • Update english translation to properly use new autofill parsing
    • All usage messages are now in english for parsing
      • Translations need redone
  • Fix Plot biome behaviour
  • New format for help menu text
    • Thanks DanuRoYT!
  • Plot chunk API now returns empty if not a plot world
  • Updated German Translations (#252)
  • Fixed warp arg type
  • Version Bump
  • Added config value for editing border blocks
  • Fixed bug where corners of border could not be edited
  • Reset all blocks above and below when resetting borders
  • Made YAML data look nice
  • Version bump
  • Do not default to JSON on any error, just missing extensions
  • Players are now ejected from plots when they are denied
  • Fixed config providers saving duplicate plots under different ids (#245)
  • Fixed plot not saving when undenying player
  • Help list change for appearances sake
  • Clear borders when using fast-clear
  • Removed an unused translation
  • Version Bump
  • Fixed a bug caused by spaces in biome names
  • Added an event for border changes
  • Added output for MySQL errors
  • Fixed biome command crash when user types invalid biome name (#241)
  • JSON provider is now default on any provider errors
  • Introduced Plot Border Interactions (#248 #109)
    • Added Border Clearing
    • Added API to get plot adjacent to a given position
    • Use new API for permission checks
  • Version bump for all the newest features and fixes
  • Added Youtube video example for new users
  • Show usage in help list
  • Make sure the plot level is valid for possible changes in plot clearing from events
  • Corrected MySQL provider variable names
  • Fixed /p auto subcommand crash
  • Fixed plot chunks API not giving all plot chunks
  • Improve block event cancellation message for debugging
  • save pvp in JSON provider
  • Fix YAML and JSON deleted plots in cache
  • Bypass offline player API shortcomings
  • Fix some confusing/incorrect messages
  • Tweak movement tracking logic
  • Use new API for plot matching checks
  • Fix Data Provider issues
  • Remove SQLite3 requirement
    • JSON is now the default provider if an invalid one is set in the config
  • Fix custom messages resetting every restart
  • Add Custom Translation Message Support (#223)
  • Remove unused world config settings
  • Fixed plot pvp resetting every save
  • Fixed a crash with MySQL
  • Use proper level unloading API
  • Allow universal plot denial
  • Data folder is automatically created for YAML and JSON
  • Don't depend on the generator to set the world's default spawn
  • Make sure WorldStyler is installed for FastClearing
  • Use individual world height until MCRegion support is dropped
  • Released some functions for externally loaded SubCommands
  • Fix recently discovered crash caused by EntityMoveEvent
  • Fixed popup config overriding plot events
  • Fixed longtime biome changing bug
  • Swap /p generate parameter order
  • Better debug messages for events
  • Revamp plot clearing with WorldStyler
  • Simplify PlotBB code
  • Latest SpoonDetector version
  • Allow subcommand loading and unloading
  • Fixed generation subcommand error
  • Pvp is cancellable in events
  • MyPlot Event Support
  • Redesigned API
  • External Plugin SubCommands for /plot
  • New /p generate argument automatically send players to the world
  • If /p warp command fails, an error message is sent
  • Using new pocketmine API for getting chunk viewers
  • Fix /p info usage message
  • read world settings directly from config instead of hardcoded values
  • Automatically allow new biome types if added in future pocketmine updates
  • Complete French language support
  • Add Korean translation (#201)
  • Added some french translations from @Ad5001 old fork
  • Removed some unused message fields
  • Auto-complete online player names
  • Enforce ISO 639-2/T 3-letter language codes
  • Display confirmation message instead of usage message for /p dispose (#208)
  • Improved tile removal
  • Testing a new method for getting plot chunks
  • Add missing translations to deu.ini (#200)
  • Pocketmine API 3.4.x is now required
  • Removed duplicate "usage" in some usage messages
  • Updated README links
  • Utilize new liquid flow control event to increase server performance and plugin compatibility
  • Added turkish language pack(#186)
  • Close #187, fixes Spanish pack issues.
    • issue was literally Command.Usage being uppercased. thank you for not giving errors.
    • Thank you @Aericio !
  • Fixed #183
  • Fixed #188
  • Fixed directional issues with AABBs
  • Flag entities instead of closing
  • Implement world pvp restriction override
  • Mass Language File Update
    • This adds new keys to old langauge files. Everything still needs updated
  • Redirect /plot to /plot help subcommand when there are no arguments
  • Added pvp bypass permission for OPs
    • Changed myplot.admin.bypassdeny permission
  • Run plots table updater before prepared statements
  • Added support for PocketMine 3.0.0
  • Only require mysqli if MySQL is going to be used
  • Recheck config file immediately before generating new level
  • Rewrite the spanish language pack (#156)
  • Fixed a MySQL issuewith the php config
  • Fixed Sign vulnerability
  • Use new API for block updates
  • Meet poggit new startup text standards
  • Fix liquids not working in non-plot worlds
  • Added new icon
  • Fixed issue with permissions breaking

using v1.10.1
31 Aug 21
Great plugin, one player played 9 hours a day until they had finished making a parkour course x3
using v1.10.1
30 Jul 21
using v1.10.1
31 May 21
using v1.10.1
07 May 21
I love this plugin, please add merge :)
using v1.10.1
03 Apr 21
hello why myplot is not load on spoon(altay)
03 Apr 21
Dunno, don't care. I only support PocketMine's official releases
using v1.10.1
20 Mar 21
Would be great if your spoon detector would accept my yes after the question mark
using v1.10.1
18 Feb 21
Why water is not working in plot
18 Feb 21
check your world config to see if liquids are turned off
using v1.9.0-pre
03 Feb 21
using v1.9.0-pre
01 Feb 21
nice! :D
using v1.9.0-pre
12 Oct 20
Pls add borders to the new version without a extra would be nice :D
12 Oct 20
Players can edit them after claiming a plot. Make sure your config is up to date.
using v1.7.1
07 Aug 20
using v1.7.1
02 Aug 20
Best Plot Plugin !!!!!! pls add Merge
using v1.7.1
26 Jul 20
using v1.7.1
14 Jul 20
rly good plugin but can you add that outher player come to my plot with /p h (my name) and not only with /p warp? plz
using v1.7.0
13 Jul 20
This is a good plugin but if you want to kick someone who is not on the plot you will be kicked by the server (internal server error)
13 Jul 20
Please post an issue on the github repository.
using v1.7.0
12 Jun 20
Missing certain features including merging.
using v1.6.14
07 Jun 20
Después de 1 semana de uso, el plugin comenzó a dar errores, al escribir el comando (/p auto) me saca del server con el siguiente error "internal server error"; además aveces no deja usar el comando /p dispose confirm, tanto a usuarios como a los Op.
07 Jun 20
The command issues are known due to incorrect translation files. Please sent improvements to the github repo so we can fix these bugs!
using v1.6.14
25 Apr 20
I can‘t break blocks on my Plot if im online with an undercover acc. I have an YT Video
using v1.6.14
22 Apr 20
Each player can open chests
using v1.6.12
29 Mar 20
there is an error, its saying "virion not found" plz help. I rlly love this pl
using v1.6.12
23 Mar 20
It's good Plugin but until updates come it takes forever..
using v1.6.11
23 Mar 20
using v1.6.11
25 Feb 20
Great plugin. Work well.
using v1.6.11
16 Feb 20
Im having 1 issue: i have 2 plot worlds and if a player claims 2 plots in 1 world they cant claim in the other world
16 Feb 20
MyPlot is not a permission manager. Use PurePerms or another manager for what you're trying to do.
using v1.6.10
12 Jan 20
I Love it!
using v1.6.8
04 Jan 20
Best Plugin ever♥️♥️
using v1.6.7
03 Jan 20
Really Nice Plugin love it. 5 Stars given for bringing Merge
using v1.6.7
03 Jan 20
If I use PurePerms, Am I able to set the amount of claimable plots per groups?
03 Jan 20
Yes you can! Look at the wiki for instructions.
using v1.6.5
09 Oct 19
MyPlot is the best plugin: D
using v1.6.5
26 Aug 19
Nice Plugin :D please add: - /merge - /p h <playername> -/p rand -/p flag set <pvp:build:usw> <true:false> thx :D
03 Jan 20
Those features are all planned for the far future.
using v1.6.3
15 Aug 19
Good plugin. 1 feature no added /p merge please
using v1.6.3
14 Aug 19
Can you please add /p home {Name} {ID}
14 Aug 19
Homes can be made public by using the extender plugin.
using v1.6.3
13 Aug 19
Is a very Good plugin but you can add /p merge or /p rand
14 Aug 19
borders can be changed using my extender plugin.
using v1.6.3
13 Aug 19
Great plugin! A plot merge option would bring the plugin to the next level. :)
14 Aug 19
using v1.6.3
12 Aug 19
/p deny work!! Realy great!
using v1.6.1
16 Jul 19
The best plot plugin of all! But can you fix the /p denyplayer bug? The command don't work.. Players can get on all plots :/ please fix it thx :)
using v1.5.1
30 Mar 19
[Server thread/CRITICAL]: TypeError: "Argument 1 passed to pocketmine\event\Event::setCancelled() must be of the type boolean, null given, called in phar:///home/container/plugins/MyPlot (1).phar/src/MyPlot/EventListener.php on line 135" (EXCEPTION) in "sr
01 Apr 19
Fixed in upcoming release
using v1.4.0-1
25 Feb 19
Is there a way to set a maximum of plots a player can claim? (e. g. Players with Rank MEMBER can claim 2 plots; every player with Rank VIP can claim 4 plots;...) You could also add that first 2 plots are free and if you want to claim more you have to pay
26 Feb 19
MyPlot uses a special system where you can set the permission `myplot.claimplots.#` and the number set will be the maximum plots that can be owned. `myplot.claimplots.unlimited` will grant unlimited plot ownership. More information can be found on the MyPlot wiki page
using v1.4.0-1
23 Feb 19
can you please add /p merge ?
24 Feb 19
Sure, in 2 years.
using v1.3.8
19 Jan 19
Is there any possible way that let me make an infinitive world with plots?
18 Feb 19
Can you clarify what you mean? You can contact me on my discord server if you need anything further.
using v1.3.8
19 Jan 19
using v1.3.8
01 Jan 19
Can you add /p copy to copy plots /p past to paste plots /p set {item} to change the hole plot and /(p )rand to change the plots rand??
18 Feb 19
if you want to copy/paste plots then you will need a world edit plugin. That feature is not planned to be added. As for the other requested features, please post them in the discord server with more details since I cannot clearly understand what you mean.
using v1.3.8
31 Dec 18
A great plugin! But when will the 1.3.9 come out with the mergen of plots? Could you send me an answer via my e-mail address? Would be so cool Email: [email protected]
31 Dec 18
Plot merging is a planned feature but will not be added for a long time due to its complexity.
using v1.3.8
31 Dec 18
Good but i have one question: After some time like a day all players loose their plots. That means, it's not their plot anymore, but the buildings are still there.After that they can't claim it back, because the plugin thinks they already have 2 plots Help
18 Feb 19
This is irregular behavior. What method is the data being saved, and does this happen between server restarts?
using v1.3.8
14 Dec 18
Fantastic plugin. Very popular with players.
using v1.3.7
06 Nov 18
Thanks for this awesome Plugin Dude! But there is a bug i cant dispose my plot because /p dispose isnt working,its always repeating the syntax
31 Dec 18
If there is an issue and you get console output, please make an issue on the github repository
using v1.3.6
04 Jan 19
I found out how to fix my first problem at the bottom of the comment section, but the main problem is that the plot world is crashing after i rejoin to my server. I have to restart the server everytime..
18 Feb 19
Bugs aren't easy to find or fix without console messages. Please post a screenshot of what myplot output in your console in my discord server and any more information that might be helpful. Thanks!
using v1.3.6
27 Sep 18
can this plugin create inventory on plotworld only so when switching world inventory is different note: im new on mc server XD
10 Oct 18
That's not the purpose for this plugin. I recommend asking for something like that on the forums.
using v1.3.6
28 Aug 18
When I start pocketmine: [21:20:25] [Server thread/ERROR]: Required extension sqlite3 not loaded [21:20:25] [Server thread/CRITICAL]: Could not load plugin 'MyPlot'
10 Oct 18
using v1.3.6
19 Aug 18
how may the players get blocks?
22 Aug 18
It's up to the server owners

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Producers §
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    • @Exxarion
  • Contributors:
    • @Crasher508
    • @HimbeersaftLP
    • @HimmelKreis4865
    • @Sandertv
    • @Wertzui123
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