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This plugins adds MysteryCrates with op items.
version 6.5.0
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Plugin Description §


A MysteryCrate plugin for PocketMine-MP // McPe 1.2


  • This plugin adds custom crates to your server.
  • Crates can be opened with a customĀ key.
  • Easy to use crates.yml for adding custom items to the crate.
  • Upon opening the crate particles are generated telling player someone opened the crate.
  • Ability to give enchanted item to players.
  • Ability to give custom enchanted items to players. Requires PiggyCustomEnchants by @DaPigGuy
  • Fool proof. Players cannot grief it.
  • You can set multiple crates using the pattern set in crates.yml.
  • The entire plugin is suited for PocketMine-MP latest API.

How to setup?

  • For adding enchants that are not registered by PocketMine-MP you may use VanillaEnchantments by @TheAz928 for adding enchants on the items.
  • Additionally you can also add CustomEnchants to the items. For this you require PiggyCustomEnchants by @DaPigGuy.
  • Get the .phar and drop the into your plugins folder.
  • Next navigate to the crates.yml file and edit/set the block you want the crate to be recognized with under block: "ID:META" key.
  • Make sure that name of the world where crate is located is same as the world folder name.
  • Now mention the name of theworld where the crate is located in crateWorld.
  • Reload the server.
  • Place the block down you initially set in crates.yml under block: "ID:META" key.
  • Place a chest ID: 54 on top of that block.
  • To open the crate you require a crateKey.
  • To get the key use /key [type] [player] [amount] in-game and then tap the crate with it. You can set/see the crate type in crates.yml file.


Q: How to setup the crates?
A: Please read this.

Q: How to add particles?
A: Its very simple. When you place a chest on top of the block you set in crates.yml the plugin will automatically add its coordinates to the blocks.yml file. You will just need to restart the server for the particles to show.

Q: How to remove the particles?
A: Just destroy the chest whose particles you want to remove. Restart the server and the particles will be removed.

Q: Will the crates have floating text above them?
A: Yes, they will have Floating Text.

Q: Can I edit the floating text that appears above the crate?
A: Yes you can. Navigate to blocks.yml and edit the crate text you see. For example, you want to edit the floating text of legendary crate then there would be a key\heading of legendary: in the blocks.yml file. Edit the text after the : to edit\change the floating text.

Q: I found a issue in the plugin what do I do?
A: Please open an issue here and give as much detail as possible.

Q: I would like a new feature to be added. How do I report?
A: Enter the feature in #34. Give as much detail as possible and I will see what I can come up with.

Q: What to do with the blocks.yml file?
A: You need not to do anything with it unless you want to edit the floatiing text. The plugin automatically generates stuff within the file to make the setup for the user easier.

Commands and Permissions

Description Command Permission Default
Crate Key /key [type] [player] [amount] mc.command.key op
Use a crate ~ mc.crates.use true
Destroy a crate ~ mc.crates.destroy op
Create a crate ~ mc.crates.create op
What's new §
  • close #85
  • version bump
  • Update according to Poggit standards and version bump
  • Added Translations #84
  • Changes for translations
  • New Lang.php for handling translations etc
  • Upload lang.yml
  • initialized Lang.php
  • version bump
  • fix #80
  • added a check to stop plugin from crashing if blocks.yml is empty
  • version bump
  • Removed small portion of code that I added during debug
  • version bump
  • Fixed permissions not working properly
  • Fixed players being able to remove floating text,
  • Optimiztions for FloatingText
  • Version bump
  • Fixed a typo in command
  • fix #67 , #73 and #78
  • version bump
  • Multiple Particles
  • Support for multiple commands for reward
  • Floating Text is back
  • Typo in README fixed
  • v6.0.0
    • Changing key in config will work now.
    • Added particles above crates.
    • Added Floating Text above the crate.
    • Improved vanilla and custom enchants compatibility.
    • Add support for adding lores to reward.
    • Added support for executing commands as a reward.
    • Removbed useless conditions.
    • Added image.

using v6.5.0
12 Dec 18
using v6.5.0
08 Dec 18
10/10 but does supports Ender Chests?
09 Dec 18
It doesn't support that at the very moment but I have plans to redo parts the plugin. Will also add that into the todo list. Thanks for 5 stars!!
using v6.4.3
24 Nov 18
Super plugins, but I manage to put the chests (crates) and my friend managed to have
25 Nov 18
Sorry but I don't understand what you are trying to say. Anyway if you want a tutorial on how to setup MysteryCrate then my friends over at have done an in-depth tutorial on how to set it up. You should consider watching this
using v6.4.2
17 Aug 18
19 Aug 18
Thank you
using v6.4.1
08 Aug 18
Your plugin is wonderful. Congratulations!
09 Aug 18
Thank you
using v6.3.0
07 Aug 18
Best plugin i ever seen!
07 Aug 18
using v6.0.0
21 Jun 18
Works well. Easy to follow instructions and a very solid plugin.
22 Jun 18
Thanks a ton
using v6.0.0
08 Jun 18
Do I change the word "CrateWorld" ?
09 Jun 18
If your world is not the world set in crateWorld then yes you have to change it.
using v6.0.0
01 Jun 18
Very good Plugin! And it works :D
01 Jun 18
Thank you
using v6.0.0
28 May 18
29 May 18
Thanks !
using v5.1.0
29 May 18
30 May 18
Thanks alot!

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Producers §
  • Collaborators:
    • @DaPigGuy
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